Zoranga Lets You Convert Airtime in Your Phone to Money

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Zoranga enables it’s users to conveniently convert airtime to cash instantly at a very low rate. The signup process is very easy, it takes just few minutes to sign-up on this platform.

With this platform, you don’t have to panic after you’ve mistakenly purchased airtime from your bank – just open a Zoranga account to convert it back to cash in your bank account instantly.

Apart from converting airtime to cash, Zoranga also allows you to receive money from your customers in form of airtime, you can have the API setup on your website and seamlessly get paid.

The airtime goes to your Zoranga account where you can now convert and transfer the cash to your bank or sell it to an agent and get paid. You can check out zoranga fees for conversion

tool, Tech business-news

How to Setup Zoranga Account and Convert Airtime to Cash in Nigeria

To convert your airtime to cash, you will need to follow the steps below:

  1. Create an account on Zoranga.com. It is free and takes less than two minutes.
  2. After successful sign-up, Click “deposit money” on your Dashboard.
  3. Choose from the available means of deposit. The available options are: deposit using airtime PINdeposit with 9mobile transfer or deposit with MTN Share n sell.
  4. The value will be credited to your Zoranga account within few seconds and it will be available to be transferred to your Bank account or any other account you wish.
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You can also sell the funds in your Zoranga account to any Zoranga agent or other Zoranga customers

Source : Ogbonge Blog

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