Your Mind Is The Greatest Asset You’ve Got

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There is only one mind and that one mind is connected to all individual in the world. This mind is the greatest asset of mankind, as your world revolves and a result of the thoughts of your mind. Let me share with you a little of my life story.

Your Mind

Around December 2019, during the festive period, while others I lived with travelled home (village) for Christmas and new year celebration, I remained at Onitsha (where we lived) alone.

I was all alone in a three plot of land with a three storey building. All alone with the birds and fishes we rear and crops planted.
Wondering why I refused travelling with others? I knew what I wanted and don’t always feel comfortable moving with the crowd. I already mapped out this period of holiday to learn. I told myself that such holiday will be used to correct my thinking pattern, my mind at large and how money works.

Funny enough, I was so happy to be alone, not minding the shortage of food. I would lock up all doors, starting with the main entrance gate to my room door. Staying in my room all alone for hours and days, came out only to handle essentials.

Having data available was what made this period fun for me. I had to utilize the knowledge that lies within biggest university in the world, available to all known as YouTube.

I came across Dan Lok, watching lots of his videos and learning the basics of copy writing (a skill that has added value to me).

I also came across videos from Dr. Joseph Murphy, which changed my thought pattern for good. He revealed lots of secret about the world. If I’m going to forget the words of any man, never that of my name sake Dr. Joseph Murphy. It’s a privilege to bear the name Joseph (we are great).

I consumed videos of Jack Ma, Warren Buffet, Robert Kiyosaki to boost financial intelligence. Oh yes!!! I was to start reading good books, spent money on data downloading audio books and watching more study videos.

Before January 3rd, from 27th December, I had consumed over a hundred and twenty videos with a minimum of 45mb per video. All thanks to night browsing, which was at a cheaper cost.

Dr. Joseph murphy’s words sinked into me, for they were so true like the gospel and was centered on positive thoughts, how you can attract what you want when required. As a science student, an engineer for that matter, I had to put into practice every of his words to compare results.

Truly, the results I got was incredible. Let me tell you about one out of the many positive fruits his words yield.

Around the second week of January 2020, I went back to the university I graduated from – Nnamdi Azikiwe University for my clearance. Of course I went with Joseph’s words, “Never complete any statement of lack, and counter them with positive affirmations”.

I got myself personal words of affirmation I use always. When thoughts of lacks or problems comes, I tell myself, “Joseph, God loves you so much than any other thing in the world, you’re the apple of God’s eyes, He will cross boundaries for your sake. If humans can love to a wonderful extent, how much more God who loves me so dearly,

He is attending to this need right now, so it is settled.”
So when challenges come around me, I fight them with my personal affirmation, for in those words lies my strongest believe. I think everyone needs theirs too.

I used those words to counter all fears that came around me, making me feel like I was going to have problems with my final year result and probably not be a part of those due for youth service (NYSC).
Just like magic, out of about eighty (80) students in my department, a least of 48 students was published as those without problems/potential graduating students.

Boom!!! Like I trusted the power of God’s love, my name was inclusive and that was only the start.

I was not done with clearance, had challenges with cash and how frustrating getting those signatures was, and added to the delay. Soon, a helper got me cash and I completed the clearance. What took most people a week or two, took me a month.

Around February, other schools started uploading the names of their graduating students on the website of the NYSC for them to commence registration. This period in my school wasn’t funny. There was a rumor that we aren’t going with the first batch (Batch A).

Those around me would confirm the fact that I kept telling them how I was going to join the first batch of NYSC 2020, for no other reason than God’s love for me. I used my affirmation pattern. Although some taught I was crazy, saying- ‘how would only I go for service? I reminded them that I must go with the first batch and I didn’t know nor am I concerned with the choice of anyone else.

Two weeks before the close of NYSC portal for registration, my school uploaded the names of graduating students. From my department, it was exactly same 48 names with my name inclusive.

A week to the close of NYSC portal for registration, the senate list of my school was uploaded. I searched constantly with my registration number and got a feedback of ‘no record found’.

The easiest thing to do was to worry, but having been a scholar of Dr. Joseph Murphy, I told myself I was going with the first batch and nothing is stopping that, then I took action.

On our departmental WhatsApp group, I asked if anyone was facing same challenge with me, that is seeing their name on the graduating list but not on the senate list. Not long, a friend called and told me he had same issue but has rectified it, as there was an error in his registration number.

This time, I brought out my phone to check the senate list again. Instead of using my entry year “2015”, since my mode of entry was via direct-entry, I replaced it with my sets year of entry “2014”
Surprise!!! Surprise!!! Surprise!!!

My name popped up with my details but a different registration number. Others were already registering, slots getting filled up, I had to wait for the next day to go sort myself, as the administrative workers in my school were done with the day’s work and had all gone home.

I got a go ahead from the admin the next day for registration after correcting the error in my registration number. I also found out that from strength of 48, only 36 was uploaded in the senate list…and that was still little in the gist.

I quickly went to the nearest cyber café for the online registration and after I was done, in less than four (4) hours, my call up number was sent to me. Some who got registered few days before myself were still yet to get a call up number and some never got.

These happenings prompted me to keep up with my affirmation. I had just three states in the letter – Ekiti ,Delta and Sokoto state.
This time, I wasn’t specific, I just told myself that any state God wanted me to take as a base, would be that which I will be posted to.

From 36, our number yet dropped when the call-up letter came up on our dash board. Some got a call-up number but didn’t get a call-up letter. But I got both and was posted to Ekiti state. I visualized it, I felt it, I believed it and it came to be. It was a battle fought and won in my mind already. I wasn’t having the best grade…3.31 was fair, some got above that and couldn’t join the first batch for service. I wasn’t having any connections, some had and couldn’t join the first batch for service. I wasn’t the best for it, some felt they were but couldn’t join.

All I had was a mind filled with positive affirmation – sharing in the same one mind that exists, the mind of the divine, which made my life ruled and governed by the divine law. Yes, some already settled for the second batch, without knowing a pandemic was coming, but those in batch A, staying at home doing nothing are still getting paid.

Your greatest asset is your mind. Go back to it and make it more valuable and productive. This is just one out of many testimonies I have got…sharing some soon

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Imaeruaka Joseph .N

Imaeruaka Joseph .N

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