Your Attitude And The Lots It Holds About You

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Your attitude which can simply be expressed as – the you in you, that makes you who you are, has greater role to play in determining the various forms ones life takes.

This room which attitude live, always provides men with opportunity to improve, as the goodies in which an excellent attitude can attract are numerous.

It is often said that a man with a great attitude is a better man.

Although it takes lots of sacrifices, training and determination to develop a great attitude but it can’t be compared with its gains.

You lose the following gains, if you haven’t gotten a great attitude;
> Less sick days
> Produce more energy
> Improves customer relations
>Better health
> Stress reduction and management
> Helps to achieve goals and career success
> Create a positive environment
> Adds value to life
> Boost tolerance level
> Rapid adaptation

Let me share a little story with you:

At the end of the days’ job in a company, the secretary to the company’s MD refuse to go home.
He said to the MD, ‘Every body has closed, everybody has locked up from all their offices but NO, i don’t think Mr. Joseph had left’.

So the MD asked him, ‘why are you insisting that?’

He said, ‘we need to look for him, he hasn’t gone, i’ven’t seen him’

They asked him why?

He said, ‘among all the 300 workers, mr. Joseph is the only man who comes in the morning and greets him, and when he’s passing through the enterance, he would say, “How are you? How is your family? and when he closes, he will also say goodbye to him and will see you the following day”. So everybody has left and i haven’t seen mr. Joseph saying goodbye to me’.

So they went from one office to another looking for him and only when they opened one of the cold stores, mr. Joseph was locked up in it. Unfortunately, the cold store door locked by accident and nobody knew and the man was almost freezing.

The timely intervention of the security officer caused them to open the door and save mr. Joseph.

It doesn’t cost to be nice to people, loyal relationship or value people. People are important. Your birth came through others, your name was given to you by others, you were educated by other people, you have your income through other people.

People give you respect, you don’t go about saying “i respect myself”.

Your first bath was done by others and your last bath too. Why this jwee? why this arrogance? why this pride? why having negative/wrong attitude? like though you control the world.

Others will carry you to the grave side, others will burry you and everything you haveowned in this life will be recieved and enjoyed by others. You will not take them away.

So everything is about others which depends on your attitude to take a great turn. Humble yourself and strive for a better attitude.

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Imaeruaka Joseph .N

Imaeruaka Joseph .N

I believe in sharing wisdom with others. Utilizing life to its maximum and blogging is a call for me .
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