Don’t Mention this in Your Curriculum Vitae (CV) in Nigeria

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Don't Mention this in Your Application letter and Curriculum Vitae (CV) in Nigeria

If you want to stand a chance at getting a job in a company in Nigeria, these are phrases and words that you should avoid putting in your CV.

These phrases has been been really used and are very common and as a result they are not as credible any longer. Potential employers came accross these words times and again and it has become meaningless to them.

Again, they have been used by many potential employees that they cannot tell one candidate from another.

Furthermore, these words don’t bring out the real light of you as a potential employee to the employer and more chances are it makes the employer to see you as lazy, unoriginal and inauthentic.

As a job seeker, you need to stress more on your natural and unique abilities and also your individual accomplishments.

Phrases and Words to Avoid in Writing Your CV

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The following are phrases and words that job applicants should avoid putting in their CV

1. Go-Getter

Being a go-getter means that you are vibrant and an outgoing person who is full of initiative. Anybody can claim to be what they are not. What the employers really want to see is the evidence that you are what you claim to be and nothing less, and how it can be used to move their company forward.Highly Qualified

Using this phrase doesn’t and wouldn’t make you fit for the job. This phrase could even have a negative effect other than what you expected from the beginning.

You should focus on how your experience and training can be better used for the new job at hand


2. Acronyms

Never assume that the acronym you want to use as well known in the industry that you are working to apply. State all your acronyms in full and don’t use abbreviations. Write the full name of any technical or specialist term and put the initials in brackets. You can use the abbreviations for the rest of your CV after you have stated the meaning at the beginning of your work.

3. Hard worker

This is one of the phrases to avoid in writing your CV in Nigeria you should also know that employers already know that all the potential job applicants are coming to work hard for the company. When you point it out as a skill you are making it optional rather than essential.

4. Results oriented

This phrase is so meaningless, unless you can point out what you do to get these results — the effects of these results must also be outlined. An employee that is looking for ways to take out from the company can also claim to be result driven

5. Good team player

Who doesn’t want to be a good team player? There is no need applying for the job if you can’t work with a team to maximize results. Give instances and avoid claiming or saying you are team-oriented

6. Ambitious

According to a Carreer Coach, Rita Freidmann, its really of no positive impacts to use this word in your CV. It can be misunderstood to imply that you tend to move on from the job in the nearest future because your new role will not satisfy you. This as a result makes the employer embark on another recruitment exercise in the near future and employees wouldn’t consider that.

7. Using Texting Style

The importance of being formal in writing your resume cannot be overemphasized. Don’t use text style in your resume, avoid using words like “u” for you, & for and etc. You must always use professional language at all times.

Achieving what you want with your CV needs you to use direct original language to explain your abilities that are of greatest interest to your potential employers. When you focus on the things that makes you unique from other job seekers, your CV will be exceptional.

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