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Over the years, many people have viewed some courses as not so profitable career choice; and psychology falls within that class. Many however fail to understand that the course, psychology, is unique.

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The study of psychology is rudimentary in understanding the mental state of individuals within the society. This goes a step higher if you study psychology as a degree and wish to pursue a career in that field of study.

Psychologists are trained extensively on techniques and theoretical approaches that can help them adapt to any work environment. This means that there is a vast career path available to you after graduation. For instance, you can decide to study clinical psychology which can expose you to more than five different work environments.

Not only does choosing psychology as a course benefit your personal growth as an individual and the society at large, there is a wide range of career opportunities and juicy sectors where you can work. You may ask, where does a psychologist work? Here are some of the work settings that may appeal to you;

Psychologists are not doctors but the health care sector needs clinical psychologists to complement the duties of other health care providers. One of the branches of psychology, clinical psychology, focuses on the evaluation, prevention and treatment of mental disorders. Psychologists in this field are experts in treating various psychiatric problems including insomnia and depression. So, if you specialize in clinical psychology, you can apply for jobs in some designated workplaces such as a hospital, mental health institution, outpatient psychotherapy clinic, abuse centre etc.

  • Government agencies

Most government agencies, especially in the intelligence department such as the police, employ psychologists. Some other government agencies such services employ psychologists to investigate matters relating to the welfare of child and child abuse. If you want to work in such an agency, you must have a degree in forensic psychology. Forensic psychology focuses on the law and how it relates to civil and criminal investigations. Your basic duty here is to conduct evaluations on people to assess their competency as well as providing second opinions that may help the government agencies in formulating policies as well as apprehending defaulters.

  • Private businesses

Private businesses also employ psychologists who help to assess workplace behaviour. Psychology in this field studies industrial-organizational psychology which is concerned with sales and marketing of the business, human resources, training of employees as well as hiring of new employees. These expert psychologists analyze the business policies of the company in order to maximize profit. For instance, insurance companies use psychologists to evaluate insurance claims. Same goes for marketing and advertising firms who employ psychologists to study the market and what they would like.

  • Correctional Facilities

Like we observed earlier, a psychologist studies human behaviour and this gives him the leverage to function actively in a place like the prisons where he can help the government to understand why and how crimes were committed. Psychologists in this work setting are employed as administrators and counselors. In doing this, he assesses the mental competency of culprits and the correlation with their victims. They are able to sieve those with mental disorders and report to the appropriate authorities.

  • Educational sector

The demand for psychologists in the educational sector is now on the increase as they are being employed from the elementary stage to the tertiary stage. Some psychologists may work as counselors while others may be chosen to work as classroom teachers. It is remarkable to observe also that psychologists may be employed in schools for other purposes such as designing the school curriculum, administrators, sports coach, and research into the academic, social, and psychological issues the institution may be facing.

  • Sport sector

It is typical for every athletic facility to have psychologists who perform diverse roles in the sport sector. Be it a gym or football club, the importance of a psychologist cannot be overemphasized. This is because experts in this field possess skills for evaluating talents, designing training curriculum, counseling techniques for athletes as well as psychotherapy and rehabilitation for injured athletes. Thus, the goal is to enhance the athletic performance of their subjects as well as help in checkmating an athlete’s mental health. Some of these people also teach physical education (PE) in colleges.

  • Private practice

If you do not intend to work for the government or private companies or have worked but want to establish your own private practice, don’t fret, it is possible. This is also good because with your wealth of experience, you can be engaged as a consulting firm for counseling, therapy sessions or even as a consultant for the government or private companies. Furthermore, most individuals go into research which attracts grants from the government or NGOs who have interest in the area of research.

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