When will Coronavirus pandemic end?

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For how long will the COVID19 stay around?

*Will life ever return to normal?

Humanity is being threatened, and all the things we depend on for survival and entertainment is being closed down one after the other. @oneman_official 21st March 2020.

Despite the drastic measures like social  distancing imposed by the government of virtually every nation, new cases of the Coronavirus is being reported daily and the COVID19 related deaths are on an alarming rise.

China ran out of masks at a point, food, medicines and sanitary materials are in high demand, being hoarded and as a result, the price of several essential commodities skyrocketed.

In countries with a high number of the Covid19 pandemic, the medical system and facilities is being overwhelmed as there’s inadequate facilities and human power to take care of the ever rising figure of the Covid19 patients.

This begs the question; when will this pandemic end, and will life ever return to normal?

Study shows that to end this Covid19 pandemic, the rising curve of new cases first  has to be flattened. This is only achievable if several measures albeit stringent is put in place.

• China were the pandemic originated implemented a no-movement strategy and it helped curb the rise as they were able to record a three day streak of no new cases from Thursday 19th until Sunday 22nd March 2020.

If the Chinese strategy (which might not be easy in some countries) is implemented, the spread is largely expected to drop significantly by September 2020, however the pandemic is still expected to be around till late 2021 when the vaccine and drug for Coronavirus is expected to be out and mass produced .

• Will life return to normal?

A good yes! The COVID19 is not expected to extinct the human race. China for example, where the virus originated has started gradual opening up of some closed down facilities, the suspended English Premier League in the UK is expected to complete the 2019/2020 season in six weeks between June and July and kick start a new season by August.

Humanity is expected to observe all the preventive measures against COVID19, to not panic, to be compassionate to strangers, to report any suspected case/symptoms and at the end, all will be well with the world again.

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