Whatsapp Business App features and How to Use it for Your Business

Not too long ago, WhatsApp launched its WhatsApp business app. WhatsApp business is a version of WhatsApp that is designed for business. WhatsApp business app comes with the same green and white color. The difference in its icon from the non-business WhatsApp is the letter “B” at the centre of the icon and the “WA business” name beneath the icon.

The WhatsApp business on the outside may look no different from the non-business WhatsApp but on the inside, they are different.

Features of WhatsApp business.

  • The Settings

These are some of the things you can do with WhatsApp business.

In the settings, which you can locate after clicking on the three dots at the top right corner. There is also business settings, which is a feature exclusive to WhatsApp business  When you click on business settings. It will bring up this page

On this page, you can set up your profile. While setting up your profile. You can add your business address,  name, email, website, business description, category.

  • Statistics

With the Statistics feature, you will know the statistics of your messages, delivered, sent, received, read.

  • Away messages

With the Away message feature. You can always send a message to your customers when you are not with your device or not online.

  • Greeting message
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With the Greeting message, you can set a message to always welcome your customers to your business when they message you for the first time.

  • Quick message

With the Quick replies feature, you can set up queries, to engage your customers even if you are not with your device and know what they want whenever you check your device.

  • Labels

You will see labels after clicking on the three dots at the top right corner. With labels, you can categorize messages accordingly base on their status, if they are completed order or a pending order etc. You can also edit and rename labels. You can add a message to a label by pressing and holding on a message, when the message has been marked, you like on the triangle shape at the top bar and a pop-up window will appear and you chose the label you want the message to be in.

How WhatsApp business helps businesses

  • It helps business owners to engage their customers while offline, thereby reducing the work they should have done.
  • It helps businesses to communicate with customers easily and to take their demands seamlessly.
  • It provides businesses an avenue to advertise their products and services etc.

Download WhatsApp business here

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