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What do you know about God?

What do you know about GodWho is God? Our dictionary may refer to God as a supreme being.

Of course true but I did love you to have this perspective of God in mind. God is the Almighty, He’s life and He’s love.

God as the Almighty

When taking a deep thought of how all naturals came to about, you’ll have a feel within you that there is indeed a supernatural force playing a role of forming all naturals into what they all are.

It’s obvious that naturals can’t create naturals, as it takes a supernatural to form Naturals.

Gods role of creation helps our minds to assimilate the fact that He is the Almighty, posing a conclusion as that ‘there is nothing of which He can’t do’ when He chooses, how He chooses and where He chooses.

God So therefore, one harboring a thought in mind that there’re things God can’t do, is indeed evil.

as life: Man was created by God to fulfill certain purposes in life. He is the owner of the air we breathe, giving it to us freely, just enough to sustain us all.

Everything which man needs to survive and maintain life depends on God. Therefore, if God is a factor of which life is maintained, what is life with His absence?

God as love

Can any form of love be greater than that displayed by God on a crucifix; where the creator of the universe subjected Himself to His handmade, to be tortured and tormented. All owing to a reason as to redeem mankind.

Out of love, He crossed all bounds to redeem man, laying a fact to all that He is love Himself.

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