What Are You Doing Concerning Giving Help

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It was an emergency; the message came to me late in the evening by 5pm that we did be hosting some visitors by morning the next dad in our home.

Dad summoned me, gave me some money to go get stuffs for tomorrows meal. As it was getting late, knowing that the market closes by 6pm, I hurriedly went on, just to beat time.

Since the market was less than a kilometer from where we lived, I had to dress simple, putting on a foot wear commonly known as “bath room slippers”.

I eventually got to the market, taking time to purchase all that would be needed for meal the following day.
While on my way back, I noticed I was messed up.

I’m this kind of guy that sweats a lot both on my palm and foot. With the dry and dusty weather, walking a little further, my eyes caught a vision of my foot.

I was seriously sweating on them and this sweat on my foot had mixed with the dust my slippers attracted. This combination made my foot looked like a foot out of the mud.

I didn’t know weather to continue my journey home or seek an immediate solution, as I was feeling embarrassed.
I had exhausted the whole cash dad gave me and was left with nothing. Not even the common ten Naira note to buy water.

As I moved further ahead, I came across a joint where they sell tap water. I crossed the road as soon as it was cleared, to reach that joint. On getting there, I pleaded with a tall, dark guy in charge of the water business to gain permit, so I could wash off my feet.
Guess what?

This guy bounced me. He refused, turning down my request. At this junction, I didn’t know what to think anymore, I just headed home, walking so fast, so no one would take notice of my then dirty feet.
I believe for every action man takes, there must be a reason backing such action. It is left for you to see such reasons as being foolish or not.

I couldn’t tell what his reasons were for turning my little request down but I guess he had one.
You may begin to ask why I’m narrating this little personal story to you…

Life gives us opportunity daily to experience joy, peace of heart and fulfillment, as it presents us with a little task of helping one another to earn these beautiful gifts.

But most times, we fail to cease this opportunity.
Your conscience would always find a way of making you reckless when you fail out with little tasks of helping others out.

Everyone who has given or helped one in need would attest to the fact that there comes a joy and peace that engulfs the heart after an act of giving. It makes many sleeps like babies at night.

Giving ought to be one habit all humans including you most possess.
We develop this act gradually…
You can always render helping hands in various forms…

Some have got thousands of people praying for them, a feat an act of giving achieved for them.
No one is so broke that he can’t give anything…ignorance of self possession (the inability to recognize what one have) hinders many from giving.

If you must learn any habit, it should be giving…

As it helps build love and love rules the world.
Since change is constant, I can tell you are going to change and start giving today…
Start helping others today, in that, you help yourself…
Let’s heal the world and make it a better place.

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Imaeruaka Joseph .N

Imaeruaka Joseph .N

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