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Web development is one of the easy to learn skill when it comes to information technology (IT). It is easier than most other skills in IT and also very lucrative.


A lot of us have wanted at one point to learn web development, maybe because we have a business and want to build a website or an application for it. Or because we thought of it as a great skill and wants to build a career with it, as a freelancer or starting up a company where you and your staff(s) will be rendering the service of web development but due to challenges of lack of guidelines on where to start and how to start, you let go of that dream of being a web developer.


Maybe you still want to learn this skill, you may just be knowing about it or picking up again that your dream of being a web developer. Whatever your case may be, I hope this post will help you start.


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There are three ways you can learn web development.

The ways to learn web devdevelopment are:

Learning using books

Learning using videos

Enrolling for a course


Let’s discuss these three in details


Learning using books

This means that you will be learning through books, this can be hard copy books (physical books) or a soft copy books (e-books, kindle etc formats). This is a great way you can learn web development if you are the type that can read books in details (you need to be able to do it, so learn if you do not already). To help you, below are links to some e-books.

Free HTML and CSS guide

Free Python e-book

Free Javascript e-book


Learning using videos


Videos are awesome for learning. They are less time consuming, mostly practical. So for learning web development, you can use videos. There are tons of free videos on YouTube. So what are you waiting for, move over to YouTube and get started. Below are links to some of the videos


Javascript video tutorial

HTML and CSS video tutorial

Python video tutorial


Enrolling for a course

The importance of having a teacher can not be underrated. Having a teacher helps you in learning web development a lot. Having a teacher helps you to be committed, it provides an opportunity to ask questions and receive an immediate answer.

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You can enroll to a course through two medium, either online or offline depending on your preference and resource. Below are links to some online web development courses.






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