Ways To Better Your Kids Towards Greatness

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Lots of mistakes have been undertaken by parents in raising children, which has lead to a significant drop in the tendency of attaining greatness among children.

 Ways To Better Your Kids Towards Greatness

Children tend to do the unimaginable in the positive sense when been raised and guided in the proper way. Taking a note from the holy scripture, “raise a child the way he or she should grow and when grown up, they won’t depart from it”.

It is been advised to have a firm hold on children at earlier stage but to our greatest surprise, only does who raise children for evil purposes have been able to utilize this great idea of catching them when they are young.

While trying to build a more rigid foundation of greatness for your children, you did need to play by the following basic rules:

 1. Shun Underestimation

Most parents while raising children, tend to underestimate them a lot, owing to a negative thought they always put at the back of their minds as “they are still kids”. Such excuses at heart weakens the decisions of parents taking towards correcting the wrongs which their kids are involved in.

Naturally, it is expected that parents relate to their kids like though they were adults. As this helps in developing their minds quickly, making them feel the sense of responsibility earlier in life. Such character in kids enables them realize their capabilities quicker thus, stimulating a vision of the future in their hearts and minds without considering the fact that they are still kids.

2. Discipline

Going by a common saying, “spare the rod and spoil the child”, it is demanded of parents to discipline their wards when they do things wrong. This shouldn’t end at that as parents are expected to lay a required and specific corrections to their children, with a recommendation of such correction to be done just after discipline them. Never procrastinate such corrections.

Such characters in kids enables them to realize their capabilities quicker thus, stimulating a vision of the future in their hearts and minds without considering the fact that they are still kids.

Making out time to correct the wrongs of children is one of the most fundamental step in discipline them. Such corrections should be given using a polite tone,as it feels more like an encouragement to the kids.

Consolation finally, completes the sequence of discipline. After correcting them as parents, it is expected that you console them immediately after laying down your corrections to them, as this will enable your advise/corrections be digested by their hearts and minds.

3. Gods role

Recalling the most precious advise from the scripture as – putting God first in whatever we do, guiding children towards greatness can only be achieved if the scale of preference used in guiding them is headed by God.

The best thing a parent can do to his or her ward, is to draw them closer to their maker as a fact remains that, the more closer they are  in a relationship with Him-the better chances they’ve got to be great.

4. Exposures

As simple as this may sound, it could be one of the difficult things to do. Parents should ensure to expose their children to various phase of life, ranging from life style, exhibitions, sports, travelings, etc. All these goes a long way in helping children identify their talents at an earlier stage.

The earlier they got to know their talents, the better and greater the chances of attaining greatness.

5. Encouragements

As one with kids around, it will be bad of you if you can’t encourage them at the very onset. No matter how little what they’ve achieved may be, try as much as possible to encourage them at all times.

Such appreciation will forever build the zeal in them to increase their achievements without you knowing that.

Sincerely speaking, lots of things are to be done in leading your wards towards greatness. If you can’t do all, i guess you could start from somewhere as a parent.

Try as much as possible to be a guide to them, recall that you out to reap what ever you sow. Be encouraged an sow in greatness in your kids life today.


Image Credit : Motherhood in Style Magazine

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