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WahClass Online is Set to Create Employment for 100,000 Youths


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WahClass is a platform that topically connects learners to pro Tutors in WhatsApp group media. This innovative platform was launched in January 17th and seeks to curb the problem of unemployment in the country.

The System and how it Works was elaboratedby the The Founder of WahClass, Joshua Anabuike in an online release. He wrote :

WahClass is an online platform where people share knowledge in a live and personalised manner using Chat applications such as WhatsApp and Messenger.

If you have a topic or something you are good at, you have an opportunity to earn a living at WahClass.

WahClass employs a smart mode of registration. You must have messenger app on your phone before you can join. When you click on the Link, WahClass ArtIficial intelligence Assistant messages you and you sign up by just chatting with it.

When you register as a teacher, you will be given an email where you will send 6 notes on your topic. The assistant guides you on how you organise them.

An interesting part of this platform is that the assistant does the teaching for you! You don’t have to send the notes to your members in the group chat. The assistant handles that. However, as a Group Admin, you act as a consultant to your group members. You become an available expert to answer questions they may ask you when they join the group. The group becomes a discussion class.

After your lessons have been submitted and approved by WahClass team, your topic will go live and you will be instructed to create two WhatsApp groups. People who register to learn your topic joins your Group. You admin your group for a lifetime.

Tutors are paid monthly. There’s no limit to how much that can be earned at WahClass.

Finally, the platform is open to all kinds of topics. From how to’s to relationship topics to business topics to technology, WahClass aims to connect people who are good at a specific topic to people around the world who are interested in learning.


Here is their registration link  JOIN WAHCLASS

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