WahClass is Set to Create Employment for 10,000 Youths

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WahClass is a platform that helps people discover their niche, create a topic and get paid. This innovative platform was launched in September 24th and seeks to curb the problem of unemployment in the country.

The System and how it Works was elaborated by the The Founder of WahClass in his timeline. He wrote :

It’s been more than a decade I encountered the internet. The internet is like a big marketplace, or a very big urbanized city today.

As a user of the internet, you’re like a driver with a car. If you know your way around, you’ll know how to get what you want. The road to making money online for a lot of people has turned out to be filled with twist and turns, considering the rate of scamming and fake websites around. One of the proximal way to make money, which is blogging, has tons of hassles on starting up and very few people keep up later on.

We all perhaps have a business, a job or none, but however the case may be, we all look forward to having one or two streams of income from the net.

They say necessity is the mother of invention. As our faces are different, so is our shine. The this is why some people know theirs, while some don’t.

Gold(when inside the ground) is not gold. It’s an ore. If you were given an ore of gold, you may not know that it’s gold. That’s the same way that you have gifts and you don’t know that you have it. Gifts comes as ores in most people.

When the ore passes through refinery, it becomes gold.
Refinement is a process, and the product of refinement are always very valuable.

There’s one thing I can attest to. Most internet users went to school, most of the friends you have, have a level of education. Most of us know how to read and write. The first CV of life came to you when you learned how to speak, and the second came to you when you learned how to read and write well and can express yourself.

At this point you become qualified to make it in life.

But how does the internet, your gift and expressing yourself (as well as making it) comes in? How do we connect the dots?

Facebook, today, is is giving people the easiest platform to express themselves, but where are the other 2 elements?

Other platforms and online Journaling, are mostly not close to us, and involves another technical know-how of some sort.

We needed an avenue on the net, to shine and be relevant to make our dreams come true.

Notice I didn’t say “we need”.. I said we needed. Because now, the solution is here.

Sometime in February, I was sitting in my lodge room, and the idea struck me. A platform where people can share distilled knowledge with respect to what the the rest the world queries. I started working on it. And I named it Exetutors.

With resources available then, it was running on WhatsApp group chat. Then I developed a chatting robot that can teach people what they want to learn and eventually hook them up with their respective tutors. The bot was running on Facebook messenger.

As I worked on the idea it became more clearer. I created a website in March and advertised the platform on Facebook. It started to draw the interests of lots of people.

With respect to how people engaged with the concept, I kept evolving it and I realized theres still more to it. I renamed it to WahClass, pitched it to business advisors, friends and people and I got feedback.

I eventually procrastinated the project because I believe in incubating ideas and subconscious activity.

I got back to WahClass on August to work on an WahClass version 2.0 to replace the old model. And the real deal was birthed.

Wahclass.com was created to provide a direct route to making money online regardless of the persons abilities and education level.

Its a platform innovated for the world and most especially our country.

Another amazing thing about WahClass is the DDPS system that helps you Discover ➡️Distill ➡️Package ➡️and Sell your knowledge. Giving you the opportunity to earn an unlimited income.

You either register as a tutor or learner. You don’t need to have a topic before registering as a tutor. A wizard has been programmed to help you discover your hotcake topic.

You can share it as a write up, record on your phone or make a video. WahClass assists you all the way.

WahClass 2.0 promises a minimum of 25,250 for approved tutors, monthly.

Not only do you get paid but you also have a growing community of followers on your topic.



Here is the link to WahClass Page

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