VMA 2017: Ariana Grande Lost Artist of the Year to Ed Sheeran and Fans are Upset

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VMA Ed Sheeran Ariana Grande

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Sunday night’s VMAs 2017 had plenty of gag-worthy moments, among all the amazing fashion not to mention the red carpet introduction of Taylor swift Swift’s “Look What You Helped me Do” music video tutorial. That said, just a minute in particular , some audiences less than pleased— especially when Ed Sheeran took home a Moon Man trophy.

The “Shape of You” vocalist nabbed the first ever “Artist of the Year” award, a brand new title in the VMAs that was created after MTV chose to do away with the gendered types of “Best Woman Video” and “Best Man Video. He was facing a variety of additional formidable contenders including Bruno Mars, Ariana Grande, Lorde, and Kendrick Lamar.

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When it was declared that Ed outperform the competition, he even appeared a bit puzzled himself. he popped onstage and said, “Thank you. Um, this is only my second ever VMA and I’m… yeah, this is still mad. But thank you to, it’s not voted is it? Thank you to all the fans and thank you to my record label, Jason Koning, and cheers.”

And while Ed has lots of accolades, a few fans had been upset that he won over Dangerous Woman artiste Ariana. Many people believe that what she’s carried out this past year called for a win, especially taking into consideration what happened in Manchester. Following the bomb assault at her concert that claimed the lives of twenty-two people incorporating children, the girl organized an huge concert show to help all those affected by the tragedy.

Those rubbed many the wrong way – with many taking to Twitter to share their thoughts.

Yay! 💥 for @edsheeran winning #VMA Artist of the Year! Killin’ it

Ariana literally brought the world together in a time of need. She is artist of the year and deserved that award. No doubt #VMAs

ariana: is amazing, showed love through music, gave a benefit concert & was strong through the whole time, literally a legend

ed: sheeran

ariana grande :
-produced many hit songs
-made a benefit concert
-spreaded awareness
-a dang good supporter

ed sheeran : ed sheeran#VMAs

ed sheeran did nothing this year for music.. i’m really confused as to how he won over kendrick or ariana who hosted olm bye

ariana: showed her bravery, strength and courage by returning to mcr to perform a benefit concert and raised millions.

ed: sheeran

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