US to decline Visa Applications from 4 Countries, See List

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The United States Department will from Wednesday, end the issuing of certain kinds of visa to selected citizens of Cambodia, Eritrea, Guinea and Sierra Leone as a result of affected nations refusal to take back US deportees.

Reuters News Agency reports that the new policy delivered in cables by Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, to consular representatives worldwide, stated that the 4 countries had been “denying or unreasonably delaying” the return of their citizens from the United States.

As outlined by Tillerson, the new resolution will be removed in a country, if it accepted its deportees.

1. The provision for Eritrea: The cable mentioned that any Eritrean who does apply inside their own country for most U.S. business or tourist visas to the United States, ıs going to be rejected.

2. In Guinea: For Guinea, the US will no further issue a range of tourist, business and student visas to government officers and their immediate relatives who apply in the country.

3. In Cambodia: Only Foreign Ministry workers at or above the rank of director general, and their families, who apply inside Cambodia, will be prohibited from obtaining some visas for personal travel, the 3rd cable said.

4. Sierra Leone sanction: As mentioned in the 4th cable, Sierra Leone sanctions will see only Foreign Ministry and immigration officers denied tourist and business visas at the U.S. Embassy at Freetown.

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Nevertheless, there are conditions that will complete application from citizens of the 4 countries who apply for visas from outside of their countries, along with exceptions on humanitarian reasons or for travel that is “deemed in the interest of the United States”.

The new policy will not affect visas already granted.

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