Oops! BBNaija’s Uriel Gives Rugged Man Public Embarrassment?

Nigerian Rapper Ruggedman decided he would reach out to Big Brother Nigeria celebrity, Uriel to come participate in his video game contest.

Oops! BBNaija’s Uriel Gives Rugged Man Public Embarrassment?

He practically never expected the embarrassment he got from the gorgeous reality star who has just came into Nollywood.

Ruggedman for whatever reason decided to invite Uriel via social media when he posted her a message saying:

“@urielmusicstar, babes my playstation competition kicks off on Saturday. come through if you are in town and free a bite. It starts by 11 am.”

Instead of providing a straight answer, Uriel decided to give Ruggeman on some lessons on morals when she replied:

“that is not a proper invite…hmm”

The musician took it maturely as he gently wrote,

“So you want me to write a letter abi, it is what I sent to my “friends”, joor, it is not an invite but a notification”

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