Tree Fund’s Jach Kimmel Worldwide Grant Program 2018 | 10,000 USD, Arboriculture

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The application is open for the Tree Fund’s Jach Kimmel International Grant Program 2018 that provides funds for arboriculture.

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The fund also covers urban forestry researchers around the world. Tree Fund is the administrator of this grant program. The amount for this grant is limited to a maximum of $10,000 USD which is dependent on the value of the project relative to the arboriculture community. The time frame for the completion of projects is between 1-2 years.

Tree Fund’s Jach Kimmel International Grant Program 2018 Priority Areas

1. Root and soil management

many of the urban tree problems that we experience all over the world originate below the soil surface. The promotion of root development, managing conflicts with infrastructure, root growth are the issues that arborists are faced with on daily basis.

2. Establishment and planting of trees

One of the major concerns of arborists is ensuring the survival and growth of the tree after they are planted. Arborists are constantly tackling the problems that originate during the planting process.

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3. Healthcare of plants

For the fact that healthy plants are better equipped to resist pests, less lifetime investment of manpower and resources are needed for their successful performance in the field.

4. Risk assessment and safety of workers

This is one of the major concerns of arborists that are practicing in the field. Incomplete knowledge of potential hazards has the potential to be life-threatening to both the arborist and the general public that they serve.

5. Urban and community management

Trees are of great economic and environmental importance, in order to maximize these benefits, it is very important to understand how urban forest ecosystems function and how to properly manage them.

Eligibility Criteria For Tree Fund’s Jach Kimmel International Grant Program 2018

The fund is available to all around the world irrespective of race, color, national or ethnic origin.

The current trustees of TREE Fund and/or any member of their families are ineligible for this grant from the TREE Fund.

This grant is specifically available to researchers that do their work outside the United States.

How to Apply For Tree Fund’s Jach Kimmel International Grant Program 2018

All applicants should send a brief email of no more than 100 words, describing their project title and concept to [email protected] or visit www.treefund.org for more information.

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Application Deadline

Applications are accepted from August 1st, 2018 to October 1st, 2018.

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