Treasury Bill Investment Simplified as Mobile App Launches in Lagos

Lagos, Featured business-news

Treasury bills have long been regarded as the safest way to invest over a period of time, as well as having the assurance that your initial capital will be returned at the maturity time.

But despite the fact that that treasury bills can seem like a complicated process, Parthian Partners, a pan-african inter-brokerage services firm together with Sterling Bank have taken the liberty of making this easily accessible through a novel mobile app called I-Invest. This platform is also regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

With a minimum of 100,000 Naira, a user can select from a list of available securities on the user-friendly interface and confirm transactions. Interest is accrued daily, while the investment amount and interest is credited to the user’s account on maturity.

Lagos, Featured business-news

The user-friendly interface of the application allows a user to fund an account with a debit card or pay at any bank branch for real-time funding. Top-ups can also be carried out directly from the mobile platform.

To withdraw, a user will need to provide bank details, enter the amount to be withdrawn and provide answers to the secret question while ensuring KYC details are up to date. If the logged-in mobile device ever gets lost or stolen, investments remain secure. The user is advised, however, to install the application on another device, login and change password settings.

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Benefits of Treasury Bills

T-Bills are a good investment for people who wish to save

It can be used as a collateral

It can be converted into cash quickly

It is the safest form of investment because your money is guaranteed

Download i-invest for free to enjoy these amazing benefits. It is currently available on Google Play, and the Apple appstore.

Source : Ventures Africa

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