Top 5 Venture Capital Companies In Nigeria 2019

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In Nigeria, the success of every business or project is dependent on what your capital is or the subsequent capital you intend to pump into the business or project. In order to do this, most people who do not have the financial capacity will go ahead to obtain loans from banks or opt for a lesser startup option or project.

But there is one secret most entrepreneurs won’t tell you and that is the investment which comes from venture capital firms (popularly known as VC).  Venture Capital CompamiesI presume that the concept of investment from venture capital firms may look strange to you as most you may be used to loan facilities from banks at high rates. But what if I told you that there is another way to fund that lucrative business or project without resorting to loans from bank? So let me briefly introduce you to the world of venture capital firms. Venture capital firms are indeed a formidable way of funding new businesses or projects or even moribund businesses. All they do is take up a large part of the risks to be borne by the business, help it become independent and then hand it back to the owner. Cool, right? So do you want such investment? Then this article is for you.  You need to read up more on how venture capital firms work but I will introduce you to the top five (5) venture capital firms in Nigeria and you can check them out to know their requirements.  

1. Microtraction

Image result for MicrotractionEstablished in 2017 by Yele Badamosi, this VC is one of the best you can get. The company gives funding to startups with its major investment in technology-driven projects like the FinTech industry. They also provide professional and advisory for companies. In its first year alone, research shows that the company received applications from 620 companies, had 74 Shortlisted companies, 24 Investment Committee, 12 Due Diligence and 7 investments.  

2. Growth Capital

Image result for Growth Capital nigeriaAnother VC on our list is Growth Capital, a prominent VC founded by the premier Nigerian tech incubator, CCHub. Its primary purpose is to provide social innovation fund for early-stage startups who us technology to build infrastructures. It also have participating investors who are prepared to bring in their wealth of experience and resources to help growing startups catalyze their groth process. Reports state that the VC has millions of Naira ready for investment in Nigerian startups that meets its specs. Also, it has some companies already in its collection, such as LifeBank and Riby Finance.   

3. TLcom Capital

Image result for TLcom CapitalThis VC has been in existence since 1999 with the purpose of investing in modern technology such as telecommunication, media and Fintech industries. The VC’s investment was in Europe and Asia but it has extended its tentacles to Africa with offices in Nigeria and Kenya.   

4. Venture Garden

Related imageVenture Garden is a VC firm established with its focus to use innovative technology as a panacea to many socio-economic challenges. It invest in virtually every sector of the economy where technology is needed such as education, healthcare, aviation, financial and social services. Recently, the VC launched its own tech hub, Vibranium Valley which is set to be the biggest innovation hub in Nigeria.  

5. Unique Venture Capital

Image result for Unique Venture CapitalUnique VC was established in 2004 by some banks in Nigeria with the aim of supporting innovative ideas to reach their potentials. What the VC does is to provide equity and finance into SMEs. So if you have an SMEs’ looking for funding, this is the best place to go.  

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