Top 8 Jobs Every Company Will Be Hiring For By 2022

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You may wish to know what the future has been predicted to look like as it concerns jobs. Yes, for job hunters and those who wish to bag more degrees/diploma in various courses, this is a bearing for you, as it guides you through your desires. This post will review top eight jobs every company will be hiring for just in the nearest future.

The labor market is changing faster than you may realize. Demographic changes and technology advancement could lead to a net loss of five (5) million jobs by 2022. The variety of these jobs may include; white collar, office and administrative positions, just as the labor market evolve.

This job landscape is expected to undergo radical changes over the next few years. Below are certain occupations that will be in higher demand;

Data analysts:

Data analysis will be increasingly more important in all industries by 2022. The demand for this job will increase, since there will be need that concerns all the data generated by technological disruptions.

Computer and Mathematical jobs: computer and mathematical jobs will also continue to get a boost. These jobs include computer programming, software developers, information security analysts and more in the ram.

Architects and Engineering jobs:

Architect and engineering jobs will remain stable. During the next four years, the demand for architectural and engineering skill, will continue to increase. Specifically, there’ll be growth for engineers focusing on Bio-chemicals, Nano-technology, Robotics and Materials.

By 2022, two (2) million jobs will be created worldwide to fall under Computer, Mathematical and Engineering related fields.

Specialized sales person:

More specialized sales people will be needed, as technological advancement continue to disrupt industries; there will be a growing need for specialized sales people who can explain the companies offerings to wide range of clients.

This includes businesses, government, consumers along with new leads the company never worked with before. For example, a digital media company would want to hire sales people who are knowledgeable with the ins and outs of mobile advertising (if products are consumed by mobiles).

Senior Managers:

Senior managers will be needed to lead companies through periods of transformation to experience some level of boom, especially industries right for disruption.

Sectors that will need new senior managers include media, entertainment and information industries.

Product Designers:

Product designers aren’t going anywhere. One of the top skills that will be in demand by 2022 is creativity. This will occur because many jobs will be automated but creative jobs will still require humans. One occupation set to increase is designers (specifically commercial and industrial designers).

These are the people that design and develop products like cars, appliances, gadgets and other manufactured goods.

Human Resource and Organizational Development Specialist:

Human resource and organizational development specialist will also be needed to help re-skill workers. Technological and social-economical changes would cause some jobs to disappear completely. There will also be a need for new jobs and people needed to fill them.


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One way companies are planning to find a time for these jobs is by training existing employees with the required skill set. Development specialist and human resource professionals will be needed not only for hiring in a competitive market but also to help employees develop new skill.

Regulatory and Government Relations Experts:

Demand for regulatory and government relations expert will continue to increase as companies embrace new technologies.

As companies adopt and develop emerging technologies, they’ll also be looking to hire those familiar with the navigation of legalities in this spacing. For example, as traditional auto makers and tech. companies develop driver-less cars, they will hire people who understand the robots laws and who can work with government regulators to ascertain the best ways to implement these technologies.


Thanks for checking out our list. Let us know the jobs you think would be in higher demand in the future. Feel free to use the comment box.

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