Top 5 Business Idea For Ladies

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Human sex has greatly affected businesses and business ideas. As what may sound suit for a guy will not do same to the ladies.
Ladies been a unique set of beings, got lots of engagements that could help attract cash in the business world. [See also : How to Make Money as A Stay-at-Home Mom]

“ideas are like pregnancy, proper nurturing of them, brings fourth a sound result ”
– Imaeruaka N.J

This article exposes ideas to be worked upon by ladies through business, with a benefiting return.

List Of Business Ideas for Ladies

1. FMCG Distribution

FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) distribution is among the best business ideas for women – and it is very lucrative too. New FMCG manufacturing companies emerge every day. As a woman, you can connect with any of them and register as a distributor.
One advantage of this is, it gives you steady income. Because FMCG (like soap, tissue, detergents, snacks, noodles, etc) sell very fast, the business is consistent and steady.

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2. Fashion Design

Fashion design does not have to be much tasking to start. Most women would opt to go for training and make clothes by themselves. While this is stressful and also rewarding, there is another way.

There are cloth makers to whom you can outsource the tailoring. They will make the clothes using whichever design you choose. They will even let you choose your own label and attach the labels to the clothes. Your part will be to market the clothes in boutiques and corporate offices around you.

3. Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

Multi-level Marketing is actually a legal, lucrative means of steady, passive income – no, they are not Ponzi schemes. It’s the way people go about MLM that leaves a bad taste in the mouth but if you handle it right way, network marketing is lucrative. There are many women who make good money through network marketing, and there are some good MLM companies out there to join. A quick research around you will tell you which ones are doing well.

4. Catering

If you love cooking, catering is good business because of the simple fact that good food is always good business. The good thing with catering business is you can start with any amount of money – small, medium or big scale. Plus you can choose to start either outdoor catering services, indoor or both.

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When you look around you, I guarantee you must know at least one woman who was able to turn her fortunes around through food/catering business.

5. School Runs

School runs business is another potentially profitable business idea for women. The reason is some parents might not have the time to pick their kids from school. I see people contract keke (tricycle) operator to handle school runs for them. So if you are going to pick your own kids from school anyway – and you have time on your hands – you can arrange with other parents in your neighborhood and start your school runs business.

You can start with your vehicle or hire a bus driver (use your imagination). You can also buy a school bus and lease it out to a new school around you. This is also a good source of residual income because the school will take care of the vehicle. You only need to wait while they remit agreed-upon returns to your account.


In the business world, success mans a key which is – start something, no matter how little it may appear, for no one knows the choice people will tend to stick with as tomorrow arrives.


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