Top 35 Advice To Make Your Life Better In 2020

You often have advice rolling from various corners and from various individuals. As regards to the 21st century, which advice do you think are relative, to help better your life.

Exactly what this post is all about. Placing right before you advice that will have the doors of success opened up, when you come knocking.

Here’s a list of them all. You must pay close attention to each one.

advice for year 2020

What you believe about religion, philosophy, science, people, things – all those beliefs color your life. But what you believe about yourself is most important of all, because you can never be anyone else but yourself.

And what you believe about everything else is closely related to what you believe about yourself.

  1. Your time is your life, stop wasting it. Invest your time on productive things.
  2. Sacrifice time to read meaningful books.
  3. Pay attention to what people complain about and see how you can turn some problem into wealth.
  4. Learn how to turn your skills to money or acquire some valuable skills.
  5. Don’t just use the internet for fun. Turn your internet presence to money by using different internet platforms to sell your products, services or skills.
  6. Start your day with motivation.
  7. Set daily goals that will keep you focused.
  8. Learn every day.
  9. Visualize yourself a successful person.
  10. Say no to unproductive activities.
  11. Don’t multi-task. Focus on few things that are most important.
  12. Do the hard things, first thing every morning.
  13. Avoid junk foods, so that you’ll be healthy.
  14. Avoid spending too much time in front of the TV or social media.
  15. Gambling is for the losers.
  16. Don’t do what everyone is doing. Strike a new path.
  17. Establish a reputation as a trust worthy individual so others can support your dreams.
  18. Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.
  19. Don’t be proud of working hard. Learn how to leverage and make money from other people’s efforts.
  20. Don’t just strive to be rich. Strive to help other people’s life become better because it’s by doing so you truly become rich.
  21. Be willing to focus on a single goal for many years.
  22. Never employ anyone you can’t fire.
  23. When things aren’t working, remain persistent.
  24. Invest while others are panicking. Panic when others are investing.
  25. When fate hands you a lemon, make lemonade.
  26. Change your belief system – always be positive about life.
  27. Change your environment (that’s everything that has influence on you, including friends) if they aren’t right.
  28. Get more productive.
  29. Have a purpose.
  30. Learn how to multiply money.
  31. Provide great customer service.
  32. Spend your time and money wisely.
  33. Be prepared to go through rejections.
  34. Be prepared to make sacrifices.
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