10 Most Paying Jobs In Nigeria 2020 Ranked

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0 Most Paying Jobs In Nigeria 2018 Ranked

On the planet, various works are done in exchange for cash. These works for money are termed as jobs. Here is an article which creates a review of top 10 paying jobs in Nigeria.

Considering various ranking criteria such as annual average take-home pay for each profession, the task they handle, how desired they are at their place of employment, number of millionaires each profession has created etc. We were able to draft out this list of high paying jobs in Nigeria.

This ranking is as precise as ever with truth in its completeness.

1. Business Owners

Business owners sometimes referred to as CEO’s got a large portion of a companies cake for themselves annually. This’s due to the nature of their jobs.

The CEO is wholly answerable for the success or failure of any company. They oversee the company’s operations, production, marketing and human resource. On a more basic note, the CEO is the company. The average salary of a Nigerian CEO is about #20-#40 million.

2. Religious leaders (Priests, Pastors, Imams)

Without making any form of mockery, religious leaders have multiple sources of income. Most times, people/members tend to shower them with gifts and cash. In this field, the more powerful you are, the more tendency to make money flow your way. Once they’ve laid a firm ground, they cash out an average salary of #15-#20 million.

3. Petrochemical/petroleum Engineers

Just as Nigeria rely on petroleum product as her main source of income, that has made the petroleum sector as favourable as ever. Since the job of the petrochemical/petroleum enginner is to design, test and deploy various means of extrating petroleum. They’re revered and paid extremely well. These engineers are left with an average cash flow/salary of #10-#12 million.

4. Surgeons

Surgeons with their basic skill of identifying patients who require surgery perform the operation and provide patients with care and treatment after surgery. These vital role they play in the medic field has earn them a large take home per month. Such a heavy task of life rescue , left them with an average compensation of about #10-#11 million.

5. Aeronautic Engineers

This set of airplane engineers, having a primary task of maintaining aircraft technology in Nigeria as a job. Their job is very delicate because the safety of the nations crafts, millitary or commercial rests on their shoulder. The lives and safety of everyday travelers depend on them. So aeronautic engineers get up to #10million.

6. Pilots

Owing to how delicate the job of a pilot is, that is flying of planes to convey passengers from one location to another. Piloting is more than just the transport. As its risk can’t be overemphasized. They get a pay of about #9 million.

7. Telecoms Engineers

Telecoms engineers make it possible for you to make calls and browse from your phone. If you know how mobile networks work, you will understand why the telecoms engineer is well regarded. They get a pay of about #5 million.

8. Investment Bankers

Investment bankers manage your “happiness and comfort” as such we reward them proportionately. What price is your happiness?

9. Musicians

A musicians’ job is straight forward. They make music that entertains, informs, shape and sometimes change our ways of thinking. It is not uncommon to find people idolize musicians like they do to religious leaders. As such, they get a pay from #600, 000 – #4 million for their presence at events.

10. Programmers

Programmers are problem solvers. They figure out how to make computers solve our problems. Programmers are among the top 5 best paid professions in the developed world but in Nigeria, they’re probably the least appreciated financially. They get about #5 million per annum.


Never minding the rankings, the fact remains that each individual got talents. So if yours doesn’t match with the above-listed professions, you still got the chance of making it large in life.

All needed is for you to work on your unique ideas. God helping, blooming becomes your portion, as inevitable as ever.



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