Top 10 Best Apps To Buy And Sell Things Faster Locally Online

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Overtime, buying and selling of things has become easier, as lots of functions have been incorporated into Apps.

Do you run a business and need ways to market your products within your city or state? If YES, here are 10 best apps to buy and sell stuff fast locally online.

Top 10 Best Apps To Buy And Sell Things Faster Locally Online

Shopping over the internet is a quick and easy way for people to buy and sell their favorite things without necessarily leaving their homes. The business medium is a web browser, and consumers get to make contact by visiting the website of the retailer directly or by searching among alternative vendors using a shopping search engine. This engine displays the intended product’s availability and pricing at different e-retailers.

With the proliferation of internet buying and selling, people are now able to sell their stuff locally without having to worry about shipping costs. These apps are plentiful, and there is always one around you that can help you hand things over to your buyers without hassle.

If you want to jump on the digital sales bandwagon and start selling your personal wares online without having to worry about shipping fees, we have brought to 50 different apps that you can use to buy and sell your stuff locally, and which countries the apps are majorly used in.


10 Best Apps to Buy and Sell Things Faster Locally Online


Top 10 Best Apps To Buy And Sell Things Faster Locally Online


1. Decluttr

If you need money fast, one thing you can do is to try selling your unwanted items on the Decluttr app. It only takes a few minutes to sell your items, and you receive next-day payment. Decluttr is an easy way to sell any of the following used items like; DVDs, Cell Phones, Textbooks, Video Games and Consoles, Tablets, Legos etc.

You can use the app to scan the barcode of the product and get an instant price quote. When you finish scanning, Decluttr sends a printable prepaid shipping label that would help you to ship the box of sold items. They can also mail you a box if you don’t have one.

The cool thing about Decluttr is that you can receive payment the next day! They will pay you by PayPal or direct deposit. A third way is getting sent a paper check in the mail. They also have a mobile app if you want to sell items from your cell phone easily to people nearby. All you have to do is scan the bar-code to begin the listing process.

Decluttr is convenient, but your items need to be in good condition. To only send items that will pass quality control, read the seller guidelines. You won’t get any items back that Decluttr rejects. Declutter is majorly used in Georgia, United States.

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2. Letgo

Another buying and selling app that functions locally is the Letgo app. This app is probably the most popular Craigslist alternative. Some of their commercials that air on TV aptly tell you what the app is all about. A character is in a “life or death” situation. Then, a stranger appears from nowhere and saves them by taking the item from their hand. That’s how easy it is to list and sell on Letgo.

With Letgo, you snap a picture of the item to sell and list it quickly. The only way to sell on Letgo is with their app. Buyers, on the other hand, can view your listing on the app or the desktop website. The Letgo app is also perfect for those who live in a rural area because the listings are set up city and zip code. If a prospective buyer enters a zip code, Letgo will populate the nearest product listings first. Or, users can also search by product name or category as well.

The Letgo app was initially targeted the United States market, competing against eBay and Craigslist, though its reach has expanded beyond that.


3. Poshmark

Poshmark is another leading app that has been helping people sell off old clothes. Listing adult and children’s clothing is free on the app. Poshmark sends you a free prepaid shipping label when you make a sale.

With the Poshmark app, you can snap a few pictures and upload them to your closet in real-time. One nice thing about Poshmark is that shoppers can browse your entire closet. Even if they are looking for a specific brand, they can easily access your closet to see your other listings.

Poshmark is currently only available within the United States of America (as of March 2, 2019), however there are plans currently in the works for Poshmark to be available to Canadians sometime in the very near future.


4. Facebook Buy and Sell Groups

Another popular app that helps you sell locally is Facebook. As the largest social media platform, quite a number of people are taking advantage of it. To start selling, click on the “Buy and Sell Groups” button in the Explore menu. Facebook will list several groups closest to you, and you can also search for your specific city or county group.

To sell (or buy), you will have to join the group first. Be sure to read the group guidelines to see if there are any listing restrictions, but you should note that you might not be allowed to sell firearms or other controversial items.

One other thing to note about Facebook is that there are selling groups and yard sale groups. The second type of group is used to advertise yard sales (not to sell individual items). Besides Facebook Marketplace, you can also post a picture on your timeline. It’s only available to your friends, but they can easily share with their friends. Facebook makes it easy to sell, and you reach many neighbors that don’t use Craigslist.

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Facebook Marketplace is currently launched in four countries (US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand). Though buy and sell groups can be created from anywhere in the world. It is currently available for iPhone and Android and not on windows or desktop version of Facebook.


5. OfferUp

OfferUp is another app that can help you sell items locally without having to worry about shipping fees. The best way to describe OfferUp is that it’s like a local version of eBay. This app rewards repeat sellers who offer good customer experiences. Buyers and sellers can both leave feedback for a particular transaction.

This feature makes OfferUp more appealing than similar sell local apps. Other apps don’t let you leave feedback so you could be selling to a scammer. For additional security, you can also link your Facebook account to prove your identity. You can add items to a watch list, ask the seller questions with the in-app chat feature, and make a counteroffer. Hence the app’s name OfferUp.

This app is free to use. Buyers can search listings by category or proximity by entering their zip code or city.

OfferUp is based out of Bellevue, Washington and is currently used in every major city across the United States, with plans to expand internationally.


6. eBay

Most people think that eBay is for only selling items that must ship, but this is not true. Buyers can live on the other side of the country or the world. But, you can also do local listings for large and bulky items like furniture that require the buyer to pick up. Make sure you choose the “Local Pickup Only” option to avoid shipping costs.

People have sold things like DVDs and car parts using eBay’s Local Pickup option. The process is easy and saves you from paying to ship. Of course, many local businesses also list on eBay for additional exposure. Some offer free local delivery if you live within a certain radius. If you own a business and a delivery truck, you might try this option.

It’s free to list on eBay, and you don’t pay any fees until your product sells. You might also like selling on eBay’s app as the listing process is simpler than their traditional website

eBay has sites for 24 countries: U.S., Canada, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, U.K., Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.


7. Trove Market

One item that you will almost always only be able to sell locally is furniture, and there is an app that can help you with that. Trove Market is a great place to sell quality furniture pieces for the best price. The app is also good for listing vintage furniture or other quality secondhand furniture and decorations.

Buyers can use the Trove Market app for these features: Chat In-App, Make an Offer, Pay in Advance with a Credit Card. Trove also lets buyers pay at pickup, which is a great feature if you do not trust your buyers. They might choose this option if they want to inspect the item in person before making the final decision to buy. Listing is free and only requires a couple of pictures, item description and asking price.

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Trove Market was founded in San Franscisco, and it currently serves the United States market.


8. Chairish

Chairish is another app designed for selling furniture locally. You can also sell home decorations and vintage jewelry as well. There are a few caveats when using Chairish though. The minimum listing price is $75, and there is a 20% commission. Chairish offers free shipping for some items you can take the UPS Store. The buyer has 48 hours to return the product. You receive your payment after the 48 hour period lapses. For in-person pickups, the return window ends when they pick up the product.

One downside of Chairish is that the app is only available for iPhones. If you have quality items to sell, Chairish can be a good option despite the higher fees. Customers visiting this app are looking for upscale items that command higher prices. Because you have a more affluent audience, you can charge higher prices because Chairish has a good reputation.

Chairish headquarters is located at 570 Pacific Ave, San Francisco, San Francisco, and serves most of the United States.


9. Dealo

Dealo is another great app to turn to if you want to sell your items, or buy locally. The app is available on the iPhone and has a global presence. You can quickly list and sell your products here.

This app is a little more like Craigslist because the buyer can contact you by phone or e-mail. Many of the other apps only permit communication with in-app chat. Chat-only apps protect your privacy as much as possible until you schedule a meetup. However, some items can be easier to sell with a phone call or email. If nothing else, your buyers have more options.

Dealo is available in the United States.


10. Vinted

Vinted is an online marketplace and community that allows its users to sell, buy, and swap everyday items. This app is mostly cost-effective when you swap clothing with another user. You pay a commission when you sell your clothing, but that may be a small price to pay for getting your old items off your hands. You are also allowed to pick your favorite payment option.

Listing is free, and Vinted allows you to list any brand. You will get the best return on designer brands that are more valuable and less common. It’s also easy to sell your items to out-of-state buyers as Vinted accepts credit cards.

Vinted is currently operating in 8 countries: United States, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Austria, Poland and Lithuania.

Hope this post was helpful. Feel free to leave us a feedback through the comment box.

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