Consistency – Tips To Help You Remain Consistent In Your Dealings

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Consistency - Tips To Help You Remain Consistent In Your Dealings

The most difficult aspect of hard work is consistency. Consistency as the quality of being consistent, that is ‘of a regularly occurring or a dependable nature’ has overtime been the key factor responsible for lifting one to success.

When you are consistent with your dealings overtime, success is no way far from you. Being consistent helps you learn new things always, bettering yourself individually or as a group and your operations.

Truly, the real hard work is housed around being consistent as it isn’t a very easy job. It demands you master some little tricks to cross its boarders and here is a post that exposes such tricks perfectly.

This post presents some secrets which will help you master the skill of being consistent in your doings/works, bringing success to you more closely.

Have you told yourself someday that you’re going to do certain task either daily or weekly? Let’s say after receiving a good sermon in church or after attending a powerful seminar or reading a mind blowing inspirational book or journal.

You tell yourself you are going to do this or that, whatever the task you give to yourself. Probably after the sermon in church, you conclude within yourself to read your bible daily, say a particular prayer daily or whatsoever the task imposed be.

Most often, the startup of such task goes smoothly. When reference point is at initial, the powers possessed are indeed great. Within a short while, you find out that you’ve been swept off your control of such task (ended such task). Of course, you are found wanting.

Yes! You wished you can be constant with such task but yet can’t help yourself. This is indeed a big problem, as it causes has made lots of people wrongly placed in life. Do you want to be a master of this game? Possessing the powers of consistency, demand you read this.


Tips To Help You Better Your Consistency Game

Consistency - Tips To Help You Remain Consistent In Your Dealings

To be consistent in your works/tasks and doings, you have to glue yourself with these tips, understanding and applying them in your life.

  • Prepare yourself for the down times:

There’re times when we are extremely active in body and mind as regards to our various tasks, works and doing assigned to us.

Just like a musician, they’re times you’ve got those lyrics flowing naturally, when creativity is at its peak, ideas manifesting in different forms. These are times you have to utilize the most, making the best out of them.

Do the extra work, push yourself harder than usual, write more songs as a musician, write more articles as a writer, write more poems as a poet, train more as an athlete, produce much more than your usual limit, for these periods doesn’t last forever but comes once in a while.

There are also times when you will feel blank, like the light of creativity has left you or is quenched, never worry much. During such period, your extra works during your well experienced times will save you from any mess, keeping consistency high up and making you worry less.


  • Have your work tools around you

Having your work tools around you always, helps you fight better to win consistency in you tasks/works. Especially, at your leisure positions or spots can save you some mess, as you never can tell when that billion dollar idea that needs urgent work would hit you.

You are quick to conquer laziness when your work tools are around you, giving you a stare in the face.

Just like a writer, imagine telling yourself you are going to write a piece each day, waking up by 5am with your body so willing to return to sleep. Forcing your mind with zeal to make that post, when immediately find out your pen or writing sheet is not close by.

Without doubt, you are quickly subdued by the force of sleep, breaking the thoughts and will of being consistent. For you will end up losing such ideas you initially wanted to get down.

If you work with laptops, phones, paper and pen or other necessary gadgets, try having them around you for easy reach, it helps.


  • Procrastination

The death of great ideas, creative works/performance has been caused by procrastination. Its indeed the first step of failure, as he who procrastinate is bound to fail. Procrastination is simply the act of postponing, delaying or putting off, especially habitually or intentionally.

There’s time for everything says a wise man. We all know that about time but never respect time a bit. If you must end procrastination, you most stat respecting time. Do things as at when due, never compromise – this should be written in the heart of anyone who yells for success.

Trash them once and for all, giving your time to something else. To be consistent in your task, you must first have a zero tolerance for procrastination.


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