Nigeria’s favourite sweethearts, Banky W and Adesua Etomi will be sealing their union in a white wedding ceremony that is set to hold today in Cape Town, South Africa.

As with every relationship, #BAAD2017 has been a long time coming, although it was kept safely away from fans until May this year. Between the official unveiling and today, the couple have given us so much to talk about.

While we may not be worthy of writing the perfect BankyAdesua love story, we will attempt to give a linear representation of how the #BAADest wedding in Nigeria in 2017 came to be, going all the way in time to Banky W’s single-and-in-denial days.

26 February 2016

Banky W released the video for his latest single at the time, Made For You. The video featured Nollywood actress, Adesua Etomi as his love interest and no one caught any clues. It was a case of another actress guest starring in a music video. Watching it back now, we think that was the official engagement announcement we all missed.

23 June 2016

Banky W shared a photo of himself and his other favourite being, his dog, Duke and as it was few weeks after his best friend, Tunde Demuren got wedded to OAP, Tolu ‘Toolz’ Oniru, fans began to call him out.

They would rather have him hug a woman or a wife than a dog.

The distasteful comments got social media buzzing and even Banky expressed his worries:

9 July 2016

As if those comments prompted him, Banky went on release a single he titled ‘Gidi Love’ in the month that followed the criticism. The song addressed his struggles with searching for love in Africa’s cosmopolitan city, Lagos. We agree it can be a bit hard but Banky did drop a clue in verse 1 of that song and again, we missed it.

Met an actress, gave her the keys to my heart, yes. I was in love like a movie with an unhappy ending”

When he first announced ‘Gidi Love’ on Instagram, Banky W penned a lengthy message about pressure to get married and stated that “the song is in defense of all single people in Lagos and all over the world.” He said at the time, “Some of us are just not ready. Some of us are single and searching but it hasn’t worked out yet.”

Why did you lie to us, Banky?

14 October 2016

Banky W made his thoughts on marriage and pressure known in a radio interview where he said, “The same people who would pressurise you to get married are the people who would criticise you when you fail. Oprah Winfrey changed the world but she never got married. It is not the destiny of every single person to get married“.

16 December 2016

Banky W made his acting debut in the blockbuster movie, The Wedding Party. He co-starred alongside Nollywood actress, Adesua Etomi and although there was a collective acknowledgement of the chemistry between both actors, we still missed every clue.

3 May 2017

All the buzz from The Wedding Party movie had settled and while producers had began teasing about a sequel, Banky W and Adesua Etomi simultaneously announced their engagement via Instagram.

For the first few minutes, we thought “wow, what a perfect way to announce The Wedding Party 2” but the reality began to sink in when congratulatory messages from their close friends and other celebrities started to fill up our Instagram feeds.

It was mindblowing.

6 May 2017

Only three days after the Instagram takeover, the couple took the first step in their three-part wedding with an Introduction ceremony. They had it all coming and their timing was just as perfect.

August 2017

Banky W and his squad spent days holidaying in the Punta Cana island of Dominican Republic and we genuinely thought the wedding was going to hold there.

19 November 2017

The couple pulled another surprise on us. Weddings hold on Saturdays in most parts of the world and we had assumed #BAAD2017 was going to be another Saturday event but it turned out to be a Sunday afternoon gig that set social media aflame.

25 November 2017

Today is the final leg of #BAAD2017 and we dare say it will be LIT.

Source: yNaija