Time – The Ultimate Story Teller

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Time - The Ultimate Story Teller

“Tick tack says the clock,
A stitch in time saves nine,
Early to bed, early to rise,
Little drops of water make the mighty ocean,
Make hay while the sun shines,
The rising and the setting of the sun and the days count…”

With the lines above, I believe your memory is refreshed and your mind cast back to your early days growing up. These were common sayings and quotes we all grew up with or is there anyone who is an exception? if you’ve never heard these quotes please indicate and we will investigate what planet you came from as well as where you grew up. Hahaha……………..

Well, we all most likely grew up hearing these quotes over and over. Our parents, teachers and leaders in the society repeatedly recited them to us at one point or the other with the intent of guiding us rightly and molding our individual characters. As simple as they read and sound, they speak volumes and your response to them will determine to a very large extent where you find yourself in life and the quality of life you’ll live in your life time on earth. Heed the wisdom embedded in them and you are headed for greatness. Ignore the message they convey and you are headed in the opposite direction. The choice is yours to make.

Time Management

Worthy of note is the common denominator that seem to be recurrent in the lines above and I know you most likely have figured it out. It is TIME; yes time is the common denominator. How important time is to life. Time management is one of the major topics (in fact a course in it’s own) treated in business, human resource and leadership development classes.

Time is very essential to life. Time management has been defined by experts in numerous ways and I wouldn’t want to bore you with all it’s grammatical constructions and definitions because that is not the focus of this piece. But let me quickly point out that time is fixed and therefore cannot practically be managed. The truth is you can only manage yourself and your activities within the allotted time.

Now lets go to the point.

What you do every second, minute, hour, day, week, month, etc culminates into the overall results you get and ultimately the quality of life you’ll enjoy here on earth. You are the architect of your destiny.

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No room for complaints and playing the blame game. Check your activities daily; are they in line with the pursuit of your ultimate goals and dreams in life? if they are then no witch, human, circumstances, nature or whatever you consider to be a potential hindrance can stop you. Only be focused, diligent and consistent in your quest for greatness.

Time has a way of telling the story. Or better put “what you do with your time has a way of telling the story of your life”. It is also rightly said that; “whatever you will become in the future, you are already becoming”.

What do you do with the precious and priceless gift of time the creator in His benevolence has given you, what story of you is time telling the rest of the world?


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