Thoughts of Reciprocating Gods Love

Individually, we have pierced the heart of Jesus at various times, crucifying Him thousands of times. Man with all his good deeds can hardly atone for the pains and sufferings in which we have caused our Lord.

Thoughts of Reciprocating Gods Love

Nothing is more painful as loving someone and never gets loved in return. Such acts signify betrayal and hatred. God’s love is meant to be reciprocated.

Our Lord Jesus has been crucified and such an act can’t be reversed. The only way we could easily atone for all our sins that crucifies him more, is by showing love to those he loves, having at heart that it was out of love for His children that He allowed himself to be crucified.

Such acts of reciprocating Gods love, helps Him heals more quickly and efficiently of the injuries bore during crucifixion.

We ought to go by the scripture here, that’s we should endeavor to love others as God Himself has loved us.


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