The Time is Always Right to do What is Right

Osu, wait a little longer I was advised. You are still too young and this thing you are trying to peddle is way bigger than you; courtesy of my smallish stature.

I was only seven(7) years old when I developed interest and began to learn how to ride the bicycle. They were right the bicycle was way bigger than me. I could even barely hold it to stand still without falling over with it. Nonetheless, I embarked on this adventure with all resilience and focus; determined to begin peddling this machine on my own against all odds.

They tried to stop me because they loved me (uncles, aunts & other family members). I was too small, fragile and they did not want me to hurt myself. Well, I was too fascinated seeing others ride it and was determined to do same. Nothing and no one was going to stop me. I was absolutely resolved. I must say a big thank you firstly, to my grand ma who released her bicycle for me to learn (Oh! My grandma, she is first amongst those who believe so much in me. So much to say about grandma but that’s a story for another day. I love and cherish her dearly) and then to my elder sisters and cousins who helped me achieve my goal by holding the bicycle for me as I tried to peddle it. They would hold and support me while on the bicycle and then I will begin to peddle it gradually as they moved along with me. When they feel I am beginning to gain balance they will take off their hands and several times I fell, picked myself up; while they’d help me pick up the bicycle and then continue. I continued this exercise for the next two(2) weeks there about. I couldn’t even sit on the bicycle seat to peddle it as my legs will not touch the pedals.

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Alas by the third week I began to ride the bicycle myself…. Oh! What a joy. I couldn’t even believe it myself; it was like a miracle.

I was also age seven(7) when I became very interested in playing musical instruments. I began with the drums. I learnt how to play the drums at this age and became the drummer for the adult church in our orthodox church then. This took me pretty early away from the children church. So don’t blame me when I can’t do some recitations and sing some children songs, I did not have the opportunity to learn all that as I was busy fellowshipping with the adult choir… Plus I never attended a nursery school, the reason I also don’t know some nursery rhymes and I don’t like cartoons. In my house I am the only one amongst my siblings that never attended a nursery school. I began my formal education from basic one.

The truth is sometimes, I feel like the late legend Michael Jackson who missed his childhood. There are lots of experiences I did not have as a child because I found myself busy with other things. I remember I had to deliberately learn some rhymes at old age….and also when I had to put my younger brother through when he was in kindergarten class.

So, from being a drummer, I moved to learning how to play the keyboard (piano). I was 11years old then. But I just barely completed the basics when my mum was transfered to another city and we had to relocate. In our new station, I did not have the opportunity and access to the instruments like it was in the previous town. I also did not have any tutor. It seemed everyone in this city was too busy looking for money to make ends meet as it was a far bigger city than where we relocated from. So, there was no encouragement to further in my quest to master playing the keyboard and other instruments plus I was growing older; getting busier with my academics and somehow, my attention gradually shifted from learning how to play musical instruments.

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Well, sadly as at the time of writing this I am yet to master playing the keyboard. But thank God the passion is still there and I have decided to fuel it again because I love music generally especially playing the instruments. So I promise you dear reader I will complete my keyboard lessons, and not only will I be a keyboardist but one of the bests. I will also proceed to learning how to play the box guitar and other instruments as the spirit leads…

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Now the question; when is the time right to pursue your dreams? When should you begin that which you have proposed to do, when is it too late to continue, when should you give up on your quest?

The time is always right to do what is right. You are not too young or too old to pursue your dreams. It’s never too late. No matter how many times you fail, stand up, brace up and go for your dreams. Try again! Fuel your passion. Never give up on your goals. If it is good for God and good for people go for it.

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