The Stance-Are Mothers Really Special People?

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Mothers, these group of humans , female by gender who got the task of parenting a child attach to self, with a major characteristics of donating body cell which has resulted in a clone.

Just as being a mother is virtually endless, these set of humans are protectors, disciplinarians and friends.

Added to their characteristics, is the selfless each live and must live, as their skill of loving is displayed always as they sacrifice many of their wants and needs for that of their children.

The visual story-A feel of creative writing. Look in by Clicking Here>>>

family inspire
the visual story
Beautiful facts about Mothers
  • Being a mother is perhaps the hardest and most rewarding job a woman will ever experience.
  • They love their children unconditionally
  • Mothers strive always to help boost their child’s mental and emotional development
  • Being a mother means being there to teach your child important rules and roles of life, from being empathetic human being to learning how to be responsible of one’s action.
  • They are so focus in the task of equipping their children with knowledge, skills and abilities to make it as a competent human being.

Without much doubts, one begins to see mothers as special people, of wish they really are. This is due to the fact that they have successfully worked through the thorns to merit such quality.

I will tell you more but before then let’s review two poems written by Imaeruaka N J

family inspire

Mom’s Love


Life with all its gift

While some make one celebrated for moments

Others makes them celebrated for eternity

This mom’s love attain

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Just from our origin

God wishing to show more love

Finds a perfect means

Through the heart of mothers


While many claim to love thee

With evidence flown around

Yet, such remains doubted

But never that of our mothers


Oh! What a feel of a genuine spirit

That  installs a bond of love

Between mothers and children

The first moment life got a meaning


Lol! How we sucked her breast

Squeezing them with both tender palms of ours

Looking through her eyes

We swing our legs


She got no choice

As her love knows no bound


Funny how our tender cheeks and lips

Was filled heavily

With pecks and kisses from mom

Love in its purest form established


As  powerful as the gift of life

It requires the permit of mothers

To take its actual course

Oh! What powers mothers posses


If any set of humans be daily celebrated

I think mothers got the lead

I love the woman whose gate I came through to earth

And I hope you love yours too?


Sweet mom….Sweet child…….Hardworking dad


Dad’s love for mom

Perfects mom’s love for us

With God being for us all

A love flourishing family exist.


family inspire



First Sin Against My Perfect Mom


My guardian

Mr change,

Couldn’t afford leaving my presence

I would stick around you

That he often tells me


As weak as I was

I couldn’t help myself

Rather, I played by his ways


Not quite long

A baby recognized perfectly

How his gums quickly hardened

With a little bulge

All tag as tooth


More often

My brain tries to understand

The use of this gift mr. change brought

I got no choice

Instead I got a rip of these words

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Survey and exploitation


Little me got so thirsty

Crying out to mom

Like a perfect woman she was

She knew exactly what was wanted by me

reaching out to my feeder

she filled it up with water


My eyes both focusing on mom

Trying to understand her every move

As best as my brain can comprehend

Lucky me

She handed the feeder over


Of course

My perfect mom was sure of two things

That which my tender palm could handle well

I guess that was her breast

And my toy designed feeder


Rolling my tongue around my feeder tip

How soft they were

Just like mom’s nipples

This I thought

While I enjoyed the drink


Not long after my thirst was quenched

I began exploitation, likewise survey

Gripping my feeder tip

With these  soft tooth of mine

I pulled,

With all strength my jaw bone possessed


This I attempted severally

Enjoying the quick return action

Of my rubber feader tip

Like I was dealing with a fun machine

My feeder played the role of a toy


Time been inevitable

And waited for none

It flee

Throwing me in a moment

Where my stomach began its troubles

Oh no! I needed to call on mom

I sticked to my only means of communication

Crying aloud to mom


This perfect mom of mine

Yet again understood hunger was just within

Placing her palms underneath my arm

She carried me like a baby I was

I immediately stopped my alarm

As mom dried my eyes


Mom, sweet mom

Took a seat then

Pulling out her loops

She placed my tender little lips

As close as she could to her nipples


How happy I was

For she kept me salivating for long

Trying to undo her bra

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I sucked to quench hunger

Looking straight to mom’s face

Without been sure of the picture I wished to capture


Like a flowing river

This precious fluid flowed through my throat

Getting me fully satisfied


Just then,

The thought  of exploitation and survey

Dominated my mind

Thinking of mom’s nipple

Like though it was my feeder tip

I beat it passionately

Followed with a heavy pull from my jaws



My goodness!

How shocked mom was

As her nerves delivered an accurate report

Of pain to her brain


Oh! How she taught of giving me a slap

To fulfill Newton’s law of action

Been equal and opposite

Just for correction sake


But her second thought of I being quell less

Of the pains I caused her

Quickly calmed her nerves


Still possessing the gift of conscience

I felt I did wronged mom

As her shock got me thinking

How  much pain I caused mom

Yes, my first sin committed


As willing as I was to apologize

Lacking the tool of speech

I put up a clear stare to mom

My perfect mom once again understood

I was sorry for my actions


With a smile

She presented her already withdrawn loops

To be sucked again once more by me


What a charming smile I gave

The best of my best

Mom decoded them as appreciation gift to her

For apology accepted


This perfect mom of mine

She’s perfect in all her ways.




For more interesting and engaging poems, crab The Ink Flow. To look in, Click Here>>> 

family inspire
the ink flow

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