The Science of Inspiration : Opening Doors Within You

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The mind can be like a labyrinth of a thousand doors. Sometimes all you need is someone words and some of these doors open, allowing new thoughts to pass.


Do you feel inspired from hearing something? That is what happened! 

Sometimes we get aroused by what’s around us, and these doors just open on their own.

That’s creativity in action.

Expantiating on my labyrinth theory, WE ALL HAVE that one or two doors that are closed and are better off when they are open. All we need is just words. You never can tell. 


Funny but true, not every one needs words to get inspired.

The morning sun ☀ can inspire. Seeing successful people can inspire you. 

When you read an inspiring book or quote, it’s your inner voice that comes back in to open doors of your mind.

Have you ever been invited to a conference/seminar and you hear things you never heard all your life and realize possibilities and discover more things going on in your society than what you actually thought? You become inspired and you appreciate the person who invited you..

Well you’ve just had doors that just opened at the incidence of words. That’s what I’m talking about.

Let’s become members of impact communities that revolves around our aspirations. 

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Why does this sound like.. quantum leaping..? 


Inspired People

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