The Science of Creating The Future You Want

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create your future

Everything in existence is invented. Everything physically and non physically perceptible are reflections of principles. This piece serves to investigate the relationship between today and tomorrow and how the future is derived from the present.

The Universe is a Mind on its own and everything exists in its logic. There’s a reason why stuff happen. Scientists around the world are constantly uncovering the mind of the universe. Though experimenting and theorizing, scientists have served as a medium of further invention. 

It’s no secret that necessity is the mother of invention. I said earlier that everything in the universe is invented. This includes you. There’s a reason why you exist.

In all bio inventions, humans are flagships. We were given minds of our own to perceive our universe, interact with it,  appreciate it and study it. 

The Invention of A Man

During the formation of a child in its mother’s womb, There’s just one element it receives from the universe. That element is Information. Information is being written into the DNA.

From the moment the child is born and onwards, the child receives one more element from the universe, The second element is called Connection. Connection to other humans, family, friends and also connection to God.

The universe deals with children a measure of these elements in order to give the child an image of who he is.

As the child grows to maturity, he learns about life and starts to make decisions. The third element is in the mind and that is Decisions. Now you’re all grown up, No one decides your future but you (You’ve been communicated the key element – making decisions.  You’ve chosen what you want to do and you’ve chosen who you want to become. You’ve got the image of yourself and you’re inventing yourself further. 

To invent the you that you want to become, you’ve got to make the whole difference by checking these Elements given to you and are existing  in your present today.

The Equation of The Future

I think we can all accept this :

Everyone has got a past, a present and a future. 

It’s a timeline and it’s linear. Let us put it into an equation. 

The Past = The Present = The Future

We wanna get something by changing something, and it is impossible to change the past. The past is done, events are sealed, no variables. So, the past is totally out of the equation. 

The Present = The future

Good news is we can change today and we can change the future.

No one can tell the Future. The Future is an unknown, There’s always an element of uncertainty in the future. 

Let the Unknown Future be represented by x
But The Present = The Future 

Hence, The Present = x

On the other hand, We are more optimistic about the Future, You have visions. You want to be successful. You hope for the future. It’s certain.

Therefore, let the Known Future be represented by y

Hence Present = unknown future + known future 

Present = x + y

Note that y(known future)  is a variable. It could be whatever you want to be. Wherever we want to be. But success is common to all. We all wanna be successful.

y = Success

Therefore Present = x + success

But How do we find the unknown? How do we become 100% sure? 

Let’s analyse the present. You know so much about your present. There are 3 Variables in the Present, right in your image

The 3 Variables that make up your Future

1. Your Decisions

2. Information

3. Your Connections

The Unknowns in the Present : There is no unknown, this implies you’re in control of the present.


Your Decision + Information + Your Connections = Success + x

Now what’s x???

First. Let’s analyse the three variables.

1. Decision

Decision is what you’ve made up your mind to do at any point in time in your life.

2. Information

Information pertains to everything you know, learnt, believed and your mental disposition

3. Connection

Connection are the people you know from your family to your friends to your clients etc.

On the other side of the equation, Success
Acheiving our dreams and goals, a good job, house, car etc.

Clearly decisions are all towards being successful. For instance Nobody will want to be successful and decide not go to school.

Now that we’ve defined the variables, let’s solve for x

decision + info + conn = success + x

When success goes to the left side it becomes discipline, it becomes its price.

Decision + info + conn. + discipline = x

From the equation, discipline alone doesn’t give success.

There’s a new variable in the present! The 4th Element

4. Discipline

This involves commitment to your goals. Doing what you are supposed to do to achieve it whether or not you feel like, It involves the understanding that you can acheive what you want if you pay the price.

On the right side, x is a constant of reality. It becomes the effect Factor

Now x is known.
With the right Decision and Information and People, and with Commitment, you’re sure to realize Success.

Achieving success, create the future you want
It’s all science
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