The price you must pay for success

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At the top of success

I know all sane minds, crossing all barriers of diverse jobs/ occupation, yells for success at a long run, with their daily engagements of such jobs/ occupations.

This is practically the human nature, as no one wish to be tagged unsuccessful. Many of us have ended up missing out in the true meaning of success, chasing the empty.

Success is achieved at the mind firstly, before it’s been affirmed in the physical world.

What is your definition of success?

  • Do you feel you are successful when you’ve got lot of cash to show for your efforts in business?
  • Do you feel you are successful when you’ve surrounded yourself with lot of properties and investments?

I don’t know what you have to be your definition of success but I wish to tell you this;

Success is a long term goal with collective short term goals.

These cumulative, over time can tell if one truly lived a successful life or not.

During this battle/strive to success, it is not new that there’re prices to be paid to have her at our doors. Nevertheless, your passion for whatsoever you do is the fuel to run you through the journey of success, especially when things get tougher.

success inspire
steps to success

Passion brings about endurance when the race of success is been kicked-start.

  • When time seems against you, you’re forced to dedicate more time.
  • When encouragements aren’t forth coming, you’re forced to encourage self.
  • When the team is breaking out, you’re left with the responsibility of uniting and strengthening the team in whatever way, as the possibility lies within you.
  • When one route is blocked, you’re pushed to devise another.
  • When things don’t feel right or goes rightly, you’re left with the responsibility of fixing things.
  • Even when pushed to the edge of taking complains as a route to lessen stress, you’re forced to kick that off, for you know it helps not.
  • When an effort don’t seem like it’s going to work out, you are still forced to make a try, taking up that single risk, for you’re free from ‘impossible chains’.
  • How often you sacrifice your nights to work on stuffs you hope for, as you know someday you did get better rest.
  • The more your dreams get you troubled as you work them out, the more research it gets you thrown into, learning new things daily without the heart and gut to abandon these dreams.
  • You try to pull off a little to cool off but these quest for success consumes you wholly – A reminder of your dreams pinches you intensively just in your hideout, you’ve got no choice but to return to your daily routine in getting task done to achieve success.

Success has got lots of price to pay, from different dimensions. Once you’re sure you need to be success, overcome those fears of yours, be ready to make those sacrifices success demands from you.

More so, hold on to passion as she alone increases your endurance when success demands hits you harder than you can normally bear.

……Remember Milliitime Alone Cares About You…….

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