The Only Human That Can Help You, is ‘Yourself’

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Most people in their subconscious think and feel at some point in time that they are bound to get help from others, in other to place themselves rightly in life with success by their side. With this mind set of theirs, they forget the common saying, ‘Everyone for him or herself, God for us all’.

As you toil through life, exploring all its curves with time, you should harbor this mindset within you – that the only person whom can place you rightly and perfectly in life, after God is YOURSELF. Of course the God factor is not for you alone but also for all. So where the difference lies, is within you.

  • Your dreams are made real, only when you make yourself believe in them. No one else will do that for you, not even your loved ones.
  • All sacrifices towards success are personalized. If you want to be successful, you will definitely have to bear its cross alone. The bitter truth is, no one is interested in helping you out, for they all got theirs to think of. The sooner you understand this, the better it is for you.
  • Consistency, a key factor that throws you to success, surprisingly is a personal affair too. Of course you don’t expect a passenger to know the level of fuel in a car, as the driver ought to have an eye fixed on that (the fuel gauge). So if probably you’re a writer, you alone know when you’re running out of content.

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Therefore to place a ‘green’ on the consistency button, you need work more closely with yourself – nobody is ready to help you out with stuffs capable of placing you right.

  • Most times when others feel you’ve got knowledge about certain stuffs, only you can tell if you really you posses what people may think you have.

This ‘self’ fact goes beyond what you think.

Yes! That uncle, aunty, dad, mum, siblings, relatives or friends might reach out to you, with a helping hand towards your hustle but have it in mind that they tend to do that only if they so wish. So what happens when they decide not to take such route?

Your hustle is YOURS, your struggle is YOURS, so also your success is YOURS and if you must get to the top, then you need to take charge of everything around you.

Build this mindset up ‘the only working factor that I need to get me to where I so desire, is a WORKING SELF’. I will leave you with this short story.

How I Became the MVP in My School Basket Ball Team

As a fresh student in school back then, I did the usual tour around the school environment, trying to find some stuff that would catch my fantasy.

All seem bored, not until I got to the school sport complex. This young man was indeed caught by the attractive look of a small, well cemented basketball court which was close to his hostel.

Having an average height of 5.8ft, I gave myself hope, telling the real me within that he could be a great player never minding his height, for I thought the game was for tall dudes’

Basketballs, being a game I loved but only got very slim chances to watch matches had me live in her court. After watching the day’s game, I made up my mind about joining up for a training session. So I approached one of my seniors I thought to be the coach for more enquires on joining up.

He briefed me about the basic kits which I did need for training, after which I thanked him. You needed to see how happy I was, for I knew I have got all that ready for myself. Just like the gospel, I went forth telling friends about my next move. I guess I did all that with a primary reason of attracting more of my set mates to join me in the training and not just having to train with my seniors alone.Read Also: How I Quit My Job For My Passion

The day took its slides and after school hours, I dressed up, ready to play basket ball. The training became more fun, when some of my set mates showed up to ball. But my fun was short lived, just as we were about to swap from a training session to a game.

As usual, after selecting players for both teams, with a common rule “first basket, other team skin”, we were on shirt as my team mate made the first basket.

Not long after we started, this rules complicating sport threw me off balance immersing me into a deep confusion. All my movements with the ball were called a fowl, how annoying that was, making it so obvious I was new to the game.

With time, just as we played, my numerous fowls stirred anger amidst my team mates (all being my seniors), with none willing to help me out with corrections or talking me through the games rules. Soonest, the anger gained more ground as there wasn’t a player around to be substituted for me.

As I lost the ball or committed a fowl, these seniors I thought to be my team mates, knowing fully well I was new to the game reigned curses on me constantly. They indeed went to an extent of insulting my parents and grandparents on the court. All coming my way because, I had lost a ball or committed a fowl.

Truly, their actions towards me were more than enough to discourage a starter but was that what it did to me? Of course not, I didn’t give in to that and so I played ‘GENTLE’. I understood myself to be a learner and I also knew the only set of people to teach me the rules of the game was my team mates. So I accepted the reign of curses with a humble, open and loyal heart.


Guess What?

It indeed quickened my learning ability, for I urgently needed to shut the valves of insults from the mouths of my team mates. And the only way I was to achieve that was to play better. So I derived my own route to the top.

Although training session starts by 4.00pm, I tried daily to go pick up the ball to hit the court before 3.30pm. Putting myself in a personal training for few minutes, before the arrival of other basketball players.

This personal training scheme helped me improve my shots, layups, bouncing and it shaped my body into a player as the broad shoulders started forming. My personal training scheme was like a ‘learn today, practice tomorrow thing’.

After few months, I ended all those insults, as they happily choose me into their team freely when the game was about starting, for they knew I had improved greatly.

Cutting my long story short, there came a time when we had an inter-departmental basketball competition. My department won this competition and I was part of those that piloted that success train.

Anytime I think about that award night, when I was called up on stage as the MVP of the year, I can’t just stop myself from smiling, for I could recall vividly how it all started and the major key towards my success was the WORK I WORKED ON MYSELF.

Hey! Am not disclosing the amount my brown envelop with the award contained. Lol. Well, the goodness is, I shared its content with my team mates.

Remember This;

Y – Yourself

O – Optimistic

U – Understanding

R – Readiness

S – Stay focus

E – Enthusiasm

L – Leadership

F – Fearless




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