The Keys To Success Revealed By A TV Series

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A series that is apparently so bad at storytelling – has became an international success.

But what’s even more strange about this series, is the main character.

The main character is so powerful, he beats any enemy he fights with ONE single punch.

No. It’s not Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson…

It’s not Chuck Norris…

And it’s not even Bruce Lee…

It’s Saitama.


A ‘regular’ 20-something year old (who’s gone bald) – who’s practically invincible.

The Strongest Man In The World

So apparently this Saitama guy can kick anyone’s ass with one single punch.

And with one punch – I mean completely obliterate any enemy.

– Monsters 32 stories high…

– Meteors as big as a city…

– And even super-speed ninjas…

Now, if you don’t watch Anime, that’s okay. Follow along anyway because I’m about to share with you an invaluable lesson about success.


Okay. So all the other heroes (and villains) in the show want to know how Saitama got so strong…

They theorize that:

He used some sort of “magical strength enhancer”…

That he is actually a machine that looks like a person…

Or that there is actually a God living inside his body…

But when his apprentice (Genos) decides to ask actually him directly:

“Saitama, tell us! What is the true secret to your power?”

He leaves everyone speechless.

“I’ll tell you the secret to my strength. But you must promise you’ll stick to this intense training regime if I do.

No matter how hard it becomes… Okay?”

Then he reveals the secret — the secret training regime:

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Saitama’s Training Regime:

100 Pushups

100 Sit Ups

100 Squats

A 10KM run

Every. Single. Day.

Now, when Saitama tells EVERYONE this “secret regime”. Everyone freaks out at him. They say.

“You’re full of crap.”

“Don’t joke with us.”

“What is your real secret?”

And no one actually believes him…

Even though that’s all he really did.

And of course, in real life sure — it makes zero sense that you’ll become invincible doing just 100 pushups, 100 sit-ups, and 100 squats…

But in One Punch Man – that’s what happens when you do that.

And I think this story applies to success and business too.

So Many People Want To Know The “Secret Formula To Success”…

They want to know “the trick”.

The ultra-secret thing NO ONE knows.

Or some super complicated business strategy.

To make things worse, there are all these gurus out there selling you their crap promising that once you discover their “3 action steps”, you’ll retire young and have a lambo and other things.

…and after you buy their 39-dollar program (which can be divided into two easy payments) your life will never be the same again…

But in my experience, the formula to success is simple. In some ways, it’s as simple as Saitama’s training regime.

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And here it is. Ready?

The Keys To Success Revealed By A TV Series

Step 1. Find A Mentor

Why spend decades working things out for yourself when you can learn all the mistakes from someone that has already been there and done that?

Finding a mentor is like finding yourself a personal trainer.

And without a mentor, you’re at a HUGE disadvantage. And if you come up against someone else that does have a mentor – when you don’t…

Who do you think is going to win…?

So finding a mentor is the most important step.

Step 2. Develop Your High-Income Skill

When it comes to training and building muscle, without a solid foundation, you can easily get injured.

Without the proper inner muscles to keep you stabilized, you’ll easily injure yourself lifting really heavy weights.

And it’s the same in business.

Before going out there and starting a business. And before lifting all these heavy weights, the first thing you’ll want to do is work on your foundation.

…to work on getting yourself a stable income-stream.

And in today’s economy, the fastest and most profitable way to do that is by developing what I call a High-Income Skill.

A skill that companies cannot automate or outsource easily. And a skill that is in HIGH demand (because so few people know how to do one.)

This is the first step to building your wealth. And it gives you the room to grow without sacrificing comfort

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Step 3. Build Your Scalable Business (Optional)

Now, after you’ve got your core strength down – it’s up to you whether you want to start lifting the heavy weights…

Some people are happy with just a strong body (their High-Income Skill). And that’s fine – that’s why I say this step is an option…

It’s NOT for everyone.

But if you do want to go this route – I would recommend waiting until your High-Income Skill is at least at 10K a month. Which if you’re one of my mentees – shouldn’t take very long.

Then, when you start your business, you don’t have to eat from the profits of your business every month.

Instead, you can reinvest those profits back in the company.

Step 4. Grow Your Networth With High-Return Investments

This is what separates those at the top from everyone else. They know how to invest.

Whether you start a business, or whether you just focus on your High-Income Skill, it doesn’t really matter.

This is the final step.

And when your investments are pulling in more than you spend, you’re in the sweet spot.

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