The Dignity of Labour

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Labour, is dignifying as opposed to the perception of some people who see labour as punishment.

I once heard someone lament; why did Adam disobey God as recorded in the bible, oh what pain and misery this has brought to man. Now, man has to toil and work so hard just to survive he lamented. If Adam and eve had not disobeyed God, man wouldn’t need to work so hard, but rather just sit back, eat, drink, and enjoy the beautiful world God created. In this fellow’s opinion, God made the garden of Eden so beautiful with so much to eat, and placed man(Adam and Eve) there just to enjoy, and do no work. But Adam’s disobedience has brought untold hardship to man, requiring him to work so hard before he can eat. Hmm!!!

Well, I disagree with this fellow’s perception. Yes! Man disobeyed God, and the ground was cursed because of that but work, or labour, is not exactly part of the punishment meted to man because of his disobedience. From my personal study of the same bible, I discovered some salient truths about the dignity of labour.


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Firstly, the Bible says God made man in His image and likeness; this connotes that God created man not only to look like Him, but also to function like Him. In creating the world, God worked; as the bible says God rested on the seventh day after His works; creating the world and all there in for seven days. So, if man was created to function like God, that invariably means man was also created to work. Further more, the bible unequivocally states that, after God created man, and placed him in the garden of Eden, he instructed him to tend the garden and take charge of all other creatures. This also certifies that God always intended for man to work.

work, Talent, Motivational, labor, Inspaya inspire

The 45th President of the Unite States of America, President Donald Trump, rightly said and I quote: “One thing I learnt from my father, is that, work can make you happy”. This is very true and I will tell you why.


The creator in His ingenuity, made man very special, and different from all other animals in the fields. He gave man a mind, brain, body,senses, intelligence and more. With these, man is expected to function like God; probing, and analyzing life, and everything around him. Labour, gives man the opportunity to maximize these. If you don’t work, you will not have the privilege of using these super features in you, and thus you will be unable to function like God. I also discovered, from my personal studies, that God takes pleasure in seeing man partake in His creation. Put differently, this means that God created, and also gave man the opportunity to create just like Him. The reason for all the new technological break outs and innovations ( done by only those who have come to appreciate the dignity of labour). So when you as a man, are able to maximize your God given potentials to work, and create things, or provide some sort of solutions to make the world better, you feel fulfilled, and happy. So, work can make you happy.

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work, Talent, Motivational, labor, Inspaya inspire

Therefore, I call on you to shun the mediocre ideology, that the work you are required to do in whatever organization you work for is a punishment, or just a means of survival. I tell you boldly, it is not a punishment rather an opportunity to live a fulfilled life.

Take your career seriously. Develop yourself, learn new skills, and do more than is expected of you. Work does not kill, it makes you better. Embrace the dignity of labour in your chosen career, and live a fulfilled life. Cheers!

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