The Difference Between The Poor And The Rich

You can either make money or make excuses, you can’t make both at the same time. Here are some major facts about the rich which has kept them rich.

  1. The only difference between a rich person and a poor person is how they use their time.


Are you using your time to build your future or are you wasting it?


Time is the most valuable asset we have but if you’re not using it effectively it can hurt you.


Evaluate your week and decide whether it brought you closer to your goal or further. If the answer is further, then decide what you’re going to change STARTING TODAY.


If your week brought you closer to your goals then find one way that you can accelerate those results for next week.


Visualize one thing you’ll commit to and hold yourself accountable to it.


What’s one thing you can change in your routine that will help you build your wealth?


Your future will reflect your daily habits.

2. The rich invest their money and spend what is left. The poor spend their money and invest what is left.


Sounds easy until I add this piece…


The rich invest their money even before they pay their bills.


That takes strength because no one yells louder and more fiercely than a bill collector.


Invest first.


3. The rich, always think positive

Your life is a reflection of your thoughts.


We all know that thoughts are creative.


If you want to control your thoughts… simply control what you say.


Don’t say what you don’t want to think.


Positive thoughts bring about positive results.


Don’t say you can’t… because you can.


The word “can’t” closes your mind, while the phrase “How can I?” opens your mind.


If you want to master this simple concept, keep an empty jar in your home and every time you hear yourself say, “I can’t afford it,” put a dollar in the jar.


You’ll either change your words and thus your thoughts, or… you’ll have found a new way to save money.

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Imaeruaka Joseph .N

Imaeruaka Joseph .N

I believe in sharing wisdom with others. Utilizing life to its maximum and blogging is a call for me . Who is Imaeruaka Joseph? Imaeruaka Joseph also known as Inbuilt-Wisdom JIN, is an indigen of Amesi town, in Aguata local government area, Anambra state. Skills? 1. Copy writer (specialty; sales copy) Currently works with Sky blazer ventures, Niger standard industry ltd, Azodo fish farm. 2. Content creator (short stories, articles, memes and poems) Currently works with Andora Novella, Tis foundation and Medium. 3. Author at Amazon (kindle direct publish) Imaeruaka Joseph up to date has six books published on Amazon. -Marriage forum -Wisdom from its inbuilt -The Compile -Did i have sex? - a memoir -Maintenance of some basic electrical components -The poem stream. Reach out to me via email, [email protected]

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