The Average Nigerian Youth Life – Changing our Mentality

Everyday we hear or see things happening and we begin to doubt if it’s real, but it’s even before our eyes. The Average Nigerian Youth thinks to be Successful, you should have luxuries of Cars, clothings, houses, throw money in clubs, and be a philanderer.

The Average Nigerian Youth Life - Changing our Mentality

Sometimes we begin to wonder how our morales have fallen as the years go by, ignorantly do we understand that our society has been a major role this issue and we have welcome a lot of foreign ideas that has thwarted the progress of even wanting to make our morales right.

How do we make things right?

Firstly we all need to agree we have an issue before we can think further to correct the err that has been done years ago

Again we need to be at alert. An average American Child will see a stranger walking by the house once and keep shut, and the second time the child will forward a complaint to the Police. While an Average Nigerian child won’t even suspect a stranger even until the sixth time probably when the damage has been done. We need to be aware of what’s happening in our surroundings as Law in A Court says “Ignorance is not an Excuse”

How can You Help?

In foreign countries the idea of being successful is about being able to give back to the community, so they are actually working to raise other people’s knowledge bank. Whereas here in Nigeria, people are successful only when they can’t flaunt wealth to the public. The Orientation has been soiled. It’s pretty important you advocate for the right thing being done, get used to being a brothers keeper

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Who else can help ?

The society can undo what they’ve done. It takes the right moves and understanding to be able to correct errors. Religious Leaders should review their doctrine on how they push people to acquire fast money having understood everyone belong to a religion.

Religious Leaders plays the vital roles in the community not until they learn to lambaste evil doing around the community, morale will continue to drop till we’ve lost it

“Children are the leaders of tomorrow, and a Leader was once a child” Roosevelt Abandy

Now we begin to understand how these youths have been influenced in one way or another, It is worth trying to change these youth ideology of success to make a better country

“Let’s make the change, together we can

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