Success – Stand Out And You Will Be A Success

Most times, one just feels like all efforts summed up has no positive effect. We all feel discouraged towards our efforts as will pull through towards success. Of course that’s a common phase of the struggle, as experienced by many through this journey of success.


However, quitting is no option, as it comes like a temptation just when you are very close to reaching the peak of success and having your dreams actualize. Would you rather fall for that cheap temptation and have all you have build for a while crumble?

Of course we all are meant to reap the fruits of our labor, for it was actually placed to boost our morale in keeping up with the struggle, especially when it has a great positive effect within our various societies.

The people we meet along this journey are classified into two; those who will look at your struggle then find every possible ways to discourage you, through words and actions. Secondly, those who no matter how little the evidence they see towards your struggle are, they find a place within their hearts to encourage your struggle.


Funny enough, your friends and family members can fall among the first set of people. And that could even be more discouraging. Why let that pull you down, when you already know it inevitable. When you see such things happen, just feel relax, smile and tell yourself a simple fact which is – am not giving in to that.

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When people discourage you once, encourage yourself twice and when they do that twice, triple yours. The last thing you really should rest on is what people have to say about you and your struggle. It all not really important as the only important say you’ve got to pay attention to is what God has to say about you and your struggle.

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