Singaporean Man getting to his 60s Still young and Sexy AF (Photos) 

OMG, Gist gistThey say time waits for no man but this Asian model turned photographer seems to have found a way to stop time and kind of stop getting older. 

Chuando Tan, who is from Singapore, is getting to his sixth decade, having turned 50 earlier this year – but one would not even know it by looking at his Instagram account.
OMG, Gist gist
Tan social media is filled up with photos  that laugh in the face of the ageing process – with his chiseled 6 pack abs and fresh-faced looks taking centre stage.

Tan, known as CD, says his regular work-outs and his habit of not bathing late at night or early in the morning are the only secrets to his age-defying body and face. Oh, and a taste for spicy Hainanese chicken, he said.

OMG, Gist gistIn reality, and scientifically, some awesome genetics are probably playing a major role too if you ask us. Is it easy? Lol.

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