Simple But Classic Ways the Government Can Fix Unemployment Issues

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Unemployment, being one of the basic challenges our society faces today, have got lots of remedies. To solve such problems, making jobs available, individuals and the government have got specific roles to play. This piece will be more specific, with lights been shone on a direction on how the government can solve unemployment issues drastically.

As tones of graduate are been released to the market yearly, by various higher institutions and yet the level of joblessness in the economy, often measured as a percentage of the market force has continue to rise.

A wise and thinking mind will say, ‘something needs to be done or what can be done to remedy these situations’.

Millitime as a platform built to lay success to all through information as her dream exposes some remedy and quick actions by the government in solving unemployment issues through this piece.

Ways the Government Can Solve Unemployment Issues

  • Task Placement: Do you know that when the government reduces the level of task imposed on businesses/companies, such actions by the government would allow the owners of such businesses/companies have more to save and invest.

More basically, for the growth of their businesses/firms. And if all business/companies around our society starts to grow as the major problem limiting their growth strike out, the tendency of yielding jobs opportunity goes very high. As they will definitely need more hands on desk, to effect their growth properly.

With such action, jobs are created and employment issues solved to some extent. While on the other hand, when the tasks on companies/businesses increase more than what it should be or be content by business owners, companies will tend to struggle very hard than usual to survive. More effort will be channeled towards survival instead of maintenance, trying to cut cost of running such businesses in any possible ways, which will also lead to them dropping some staffs at the long run, increasing unemployment rate once more.

It’s as simple as that – to the government I ask, are you willing to end unemployment issues?

  • Creating the Right Policies: The right policy should be created if unemployment issues be solved. The government should lift its head towards the direction of startups. Startups have the ability of creating more jobs in the society. The government should spell a policy out, whereby startups expose their main problems to the government, while she handles them to quicken the growth of such startups.

If the growth of startups is achieved, at the long run also, these start uppers are forced to bring in more hands and that’s automatic employment for some.

Take a tech-entrepreneur for example; one that owns a hub and his major challenge is data and electricity. When the government comes in, even without giving cash directly to such a guy but solves those basic problems by handling it, you would find out that the owner of such a hub is much more relaxed and can hit hustles hard and is quickly thrown into the world of success. As he thinks not of such problems anymore – his thoughts would rather be on how to get a perfect team with like minds to strive towards achieving the set goal and that’s where employment comes in.

To Be Continued……..stay tuned


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Imaeruaka Joseph .N

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