Ruling Over Yourself, A Way Forward To Reaching Success

Ruling Over Yourself, A Way Forward To Reaching Success

Individually, we all seek success and also when we work as team, we seek success as a team with more focus on self. The major way to reach success, throwing ourselves forward to the height we so desire, is simply by ruling over ourselves.

To rule over self demands we all withdraw within to recognize self better and more perfectly. A superb rule has got lots of principles backing her.

These desires of ours to hit success heights, needs us to be much more focus, disciplined and be the best version of ourselves and not of others.


If you’ve got a big dream without believing in it, how can others believe in your dreams?

If you’ve got a project you’re working on and you can’t make certain sacrifices for such project, how can your team mates do?


Success as a team evolves from individual success

-Imaeruaka N.J


To reach these great height you have longed for over years don’t be deceived by anyone, rather work by these keys;

  • Believe in yourself.
  • Believe you can get it rightly done.
  • Accept the challenges when they come.
  • Solve your problems.
  • Never complain (as no pain, no gain) rather than complain, have a meet-up with like minds, discussing intelligently.
  • Never be scared to make sacrifices, as your dreams worth it.
  • Keep pushing even when things seem like going all wrong.
  • Pay less attention to your negative mindset, be positive always.
  • Be discipline, never fall for procrastination.
  • Be kind to yourself, as the best version of you comes out on stage only then.
  • Consider others. If your dreams are centered on how to satisfy others, you’re more likely to succeed and it helps you stand firm when trials comes around.
  • Be consistent. Remember always that he, who fails to plan, plans to fail. You can’t be consistent in anything when you don’t plan.
  • Locate like minds and then get a mentor. They have a way of boosting your moral, helping you push your dreams up high. Also, they can be sources of encouragements which are often needed.
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  • Never stop working on yourself.


  • Be dispose always to learn new things, for if you are not, you and your dreams will wear out over time.


There’re lots more, click here>> to get a book containing them all, but the most important of them all, is recognizing earth is more spiritual than physical.

So you need reach out to your maker, be dispose to Him always. With this, you have a chance of grace to better your dreams and reach out to more ideas.



Hope this post was helpful? If you have any contribution, you can use the comment box. They are highly welcomed. We would appreciate…stay with us at Millitime.






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