Review of 5 Earning Platforms Created by Africans | AfricGold, Owodaily, Trentimes

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Even though many Africans have been victims of Ponzi schemes and scam especially on the internet, its no new news that people make cool money online. Well if you thought that was a fable, this list will clear your doubts on where the “oil well” is online. You only need the right information at the right time and every bit on this list is important, you don’t want to miss any.

A quick disclaimer; the authenticity of the platform on this list are based on reviews from users and validity from experience.




Unlike all other platform on this list, Africgold does not adopt the affiliate marketing business model. It’s more of an investment platform . You invest a particular amount and earn a percentage of it everyday.
Below is the investment plan
N3,000 – N15 (per hour)
N5,000 – N50 (per hour)
N10,000 – N2,500 (per 24 hour)

On registration, the you have to visit the site every hour before you can earn (that’s for the lower packages) and for the highest package you only have to visit the site once in every 24 hours to earn. Africgold is a new platform that was launched September 2021.

IS IT HERE TO STAY? You may ask?
Well, its only a matter of time before we find out.


owodaily review
owodaily review

This platform was launched in. subscribers to this platform to make money by simply performing simple social tasks like comment, views, download, follow, like, and review on other people’s social media handles, blogs and apps.

Owodaily simply connects people who want to drive traffic to their social media handles, blogs or app with people who are ready to do it for money. So, the hirer pays owodaily and owodaily shares the money among people who are willing to do the tasks.
The minimum registration is N3,000 and you get to perform as much tasks as you can then get paid for it.



This platform is a major on affiliate marketing and created by Toyin Omotoso. Registered affiliates promote high value digital products (information products/ courses) and earn commissions for each sale.

The registration fee is N50,000 and it comes with a sophisticated course named 72IG. This course teaches you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing; from getting leads and prospects to converting them to constantly paying customers.
The course equips affiliates with skills like copywriting, content creation, Web design, how to run ads, affiliatemarketing and so on.
This platform is here to stay and it has liberated many Nigerians and Africans.


Videomine.or review
Videomine.or review

This is a newly launched platform precisely Nov. 2021. What you do on this platform is to basically watch videos and promote to earn money. You just earn while entertaining yourself.
Per video watched, you get N150
You earn N100 for daily login
You earn for sharing/promoting a video with people


We saved this for the last because its our pick, as it balances simplicity with sophistication.

Trentimes 1
Trentimes 1

Built by one of the most reputable tech companies in Nigeria – Schwiz Web, Trentimes is a platform that simplifies and adapts well established means of earning online (blogging, tutoring, advertisement, cryptocurrency, freelancing, affiliate marketing and more) into sectors, all in one platform, creating a self sustainable ecosystem for members to earn both actively and passively.

Whether it’s blogging you wish to do, or teaching, Trentimes gives an interface for you to do what you love, earning in the process.

Trentimes was also created to give every internet user, a platform, a table, regardless of his/her knowledge of things of the internet.

With its social embrace, and simplicity, you earn TTC (Trentimes Coin) by just doing what you normally do on you social media handles.

Someone reads your post, You EARN
You re repost people’s post , You EARN
You login daily, You EARN

You get paid every friday provided you accrued a minimum of 3000TTC.

At the time of writing this, 1TTC=$0.0033

Trentimes has got different membership plans and GOODNEWS! It is crazily affordable. Starting at N500 / $5, you can start to earn on what you love. However, there is a higher plan of N5000 / $12 and you instantly get 90 percent of your money in TTC for use on premium income opportunities.

Visit Trentimes >>>



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