Revealing Network Marketing Secrets of Thriving In These Tough Economic Times

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Marketing has become a more difficult task for many, owing to this thriving tough economic times. Not minding circumstances surrounding our nation, this article reveals the most basic network marketing secrets.

Would you sleep better if you had the ultimate protection available against losing your job? Your best solution may be in starting your own profitable home-based business in your spare time!

My Story…

My name is Omezikam Okorocha and I am a Network Marketing Professional. Unfortunately, most people have had reasons to develop negative impressions about network marketing.

I sincerely concur. Marketers paint network marketing as a ‘get rich quick scheme’. They talk about it as if you join today and money starts flowing tomorrow.

They hype it as if it doesn’t require any effort on your part. Some even tell you that you don’t need to sell anything. Just bring people. These are all lies, I mean lies! Now, let me share something more valuable with you and where I stand.

Please know this, that just like any other business, network marketing is business and hence will require effort and time.

However if there is any business that can reward you abundantly for your effort and time (if you know how to do it right), then I welcome you to my world. Seems just like yesterday, my journey in this industry started.

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I joined a particular company like most other people do, not willing and ready to learn the basics though I did not make money as expected but I learn t so much.

I read books written by Robert Kiyosaki, and a host of others. It became crystal clear to me that this is a profession. It’s only in this industry that someone joins today and wants to be rich tomorrow without learning.

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About the industry:

– There is nothing wrong with network marketing but there are a lot of things wrong with individuals and companies.

– You need to be the right person with the mind of an entrepreneur.

– You need to partner with a company with that is not less than 10years old (Super important; there are so many so-called companies out there swindling people unfortunately), proven management, quality consumable products and services, and lucrative compensation plan.

– When you cannot drive your network marketing business online, you are doomed!

– If you still believe in door to door approach to this business, you will soon be out of business

-Those just want to sell PRODUCTS without paying attention to selling SOLUTIONS, soon will be frustrated.

– When company’s products cannot be sold to customers outside Nigeria, then your business is not global

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– If you cannot sell your products to customers outside your immediate environment, then you don’t have a business yet

– If your network marketing business is not built around customers and developing other business owners in your distribution network, then you are just a gambler.

Conclusion on marketing

These and many more are the things I learn t early and in less than two years of joining my new company (after realizing these truths), I have been able to achieve much more than most people I met on the field.

Developing other business owners like me in my team has also been easy because of the system already in place that is capable of ensuring that everyone succeeds especially when we all see it as business.

I am a Network Marketing Professional, and it’s a stone cold fact that Network Marketing is a better way.

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