Are They Related? Celebrity Look-Alike You Should See


    In a world of over 7 billion people you would wonder if there was someone that looks like you somewhere in some part of the world. You probably have had friends have had friends who came up with your doppelganger.  Here are some celebrities and their look alike, both locally and from other countries.


    Ed Sheeran look alike

    You’d think this is the “Shape of you” singer Ed Sheeran’s Kid sis. Or even daughter.  2 year-old Isla Walton picture popped up on the net back in March — and went viral.  Ed was asked what he thought of the suspicious resemblance  during an show on Good Morning Britain. His immediate response was “She’s not mine!”


    Taylor swift look alike

    Instagramer April Gloria on has an incredible resemblance to Taylor Swift. Shes been making waves on Instagram  — April recreated the lot of Taylor’s best beauty moments. With more than 100K followers on Instagram you can’t deny how much these two look alike.


    Kendall Jenner look alike

    Its amazing the resemblance of Russian model Kate Bogucharskaia to Kendall Jenner. With all the same sultry stare and striking brows, the model is pretty much a  parallel Ken.


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