How To Register Your Product With Nafdac in Nigeria

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NAFDAC office

Fears of many entrepreneurs who are into the manufacturing business is often the issue of registration with the NATIONAL AGENCY FOR FOOD AND DRUGS ADMINISTRATION [NAFDAC]

They seldom disagree that it’s the greatest hurdle in starting up a business.

But the truth still stares in the face as venturing into the lucrative world of manufacturing business, NAFDAC challenge should be expected and prepare pre-notice and not a thing to wish away for even to your advantage and advantage of your customers and of all involve ensures safe and right quality foods, medicines, household products, packaged water, imported, exported, advertised, distributed and sold in Nigeria.

WEST ENTREPRENEUR reveals the necessary information that vastly necessitate your registration with NAFDAC, that people who often go through the process of registration termed it tasking owing to their lack of the working information which often leads to lack of resources, time and energy thus the name tasking.

Through this report you will be equipped with the proper and appropriate working in formations you need to register your business, so read carefully every word down to the last.

NAFDAC registration is mainly of two divisions


This includes insecticides, herbal preparation, cosmetics, medical devices, pesticides, veterinary products, vaccines, chemicals and supplement.


Requirements :

The requirement are divided into two for convenience;

  • Imported/foreign manufactured products
  • Locally manufactured products

For the foreign products, the representative must have a duly executed power of attorney from the manufacturer also signed by the body of production.


Registration process requires specific documents and documentation varies for different drugs and food as discussed still under

  • Foreign/imported product
  • The locally manufactured products

For foreign products

  • Application for approval to bring samples
  • Application for full registration of product

For locally manufactured products

  • Application for full registration of product
  • Application for approval and to bring samples
    In this the authority will require samples of products
  • Authorization to import samples( this entails a written authorization from the agency)

Note that to facilitate this registration, one has to provide the certificate of analysis from manufacturer, certificate of free sale from appropriate regulatory authority from country of origin. Samples of products must also conform to stipulated product labeling regulators.


How to get the Application Form

The application form is available in their office and also online from their website. After filling, it’s to be submitted to the registration division with below documents

  • Five copies of report for the product
  • Sample of the products(three for each)
  • License name for your company.
    Also with some designated amount as registration fees like[b]
    · Sachet water——————-30,000
    · Packaged food—————-40,000
    · Herbal drugs——————–10,000 to 20,000
    · Bottled water——————–50,000
    · Cosmetics————————40,000
    · Pharmaceutical drugs produced in Nigeria ———-25,000 to 70,000
    · Pesticides————————40,000 [/b]

Other Questions Being Asked

How long is the process?:
Three months if all requirements are met as and when due

Where is the Registration Office?:
In Lagos, with the following addresses.
a. (a) NAFDAC Central Laboratory Complex
3/4 Oshodi ? Apapa Expressway, Oshodi ? Lagos.
(for Registration and Regulatory Affairs Directorate, Legal Unit, Establishment Inspection Directorate, Food Laboratory, Narcotics and Controlled Substances Directorate).
a. (b) NAFDAC Central Drug and Vaccines Laboratory (CDVL)
Edmund Crescent, Yaba ? Lagos (for Drug Laboratory and Ports Inspection Directorate).
a. (c) NAFDAC Enforcement Directorate.
Ahmadu Bello Way (Behind Nigerian Air Force Camp by Legico B/stop), Victoria Island – Lagos

E-mail: [email protected]

Call the Director (Registration and Regulatory Affairs) on 01-4748627, 01- 4772452

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