Business Emails : 8 Tips to Being Strongly Professional

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Email, Message, Envelope, Information, Mobile Phone
Email, Message, Envelope, Information, Mobile Phone

With regards to businesses online, Emails are one of the most used medium of communication and therefore you must represent yourself as professional. This should reflect in emails. Using signature templates and ensuring that only the most relevant and correct content is mailed out.

This article going to be talking about how you can make your business emails more professional  

  1. Don’t Use Your Company Name as Sender Name

In sending professional emails, relate to your recipients or client as person to person rather than business to person by using your name as the sender’s name and not your business name. This this increases the chances of having your email better understood, interactive and encourages your reader to reply especially when you’re expecting a reply from your recipient.

Theory of Resonance; Whatever content that goes out in your online company or business must be something your reader or client relates with ~ Schwiz Josh
  1. Don’t Use Your Personal Email Address

It’s certainly a bad idea to send business emails using your personal email address. They most usually end with @Hotmail @Yahoo @Gmail or Its recommended that you use your domain email address. A simple way to get started by getting a domain and signing up for Platforms that offer email clients such as Google g suite or Microsoft Office . They help you get started it with sending emails via your domain address with ease.

  1. Proofread Your Business Email

Spell checking is another vital aspect to creating professional business emails. Having grammatical errors make you seem unprofessional and might cause you to lose your clients. Proofreading is essential as people tend to judge a piece of write up that contains grammatical errors. However there are software available that you can use to check for typos there are also proofreading tools online that helps you ensure that your emails are free from grammatical errors and typos. 

  1. Create Email Templates

One of the basics of a professional email is having an email template laid out. If there’s an inquiry you have from a client or a quick email which is probably automated by your system to respond to to a client, Having a designated email template means you can respond quickly. It saves time , ensures consistence and emails are perfected and well-articulated. There are great email templates available online you can easily tweak to make a more unique and signature email. is a Great tool for designing professional email templates.  

  1. Have an Email Signature & Use It

Signatures make your emails personal and professional. A good email signature makes your brand known. A good signature goes alongside with the different mediums in which your recipients can contact you. Furthermore, Including your social media accounts is another great way to promote yourself when sending emails. P.S, never sent mails that end with sent from my iPhone or sent from my Android it makes your email look unprofessional.


  1. Keep Your Emails Light and Simple

In writing professional emails a very good tip is to go straight to the point, keeping your emails simple short and well-articulated. There’s need to add much content more that what will get an exact message accross. Your response should be presented to your recipients in the most lucid and light format. Sendinblue has a great article on choosing an email font, and they also allow you to create your very own email templates through their service. They offer the best fonts that are web-friendly, meaning your emails will look simple and sleek to every reader.


  1. Never Ignore an Email

Sometimes it’s possible to get caught up in other tasks and skip responding to an email from a client this comes off as unprofessional esp if such client has read receipts in their email account. If there is some information that you were requested and you don’t have at the moment, be sure to email back saying that you have received the email and will reply. You could make use of Email Autoresponders on the application or service you use to send emails.. This shows the sender that you are dealing with their request.

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  1. Have a Nice Subject Line

Many businesses don’t leverage the subject line, and this can look very unprofessional. You should always use the subject line as this allows the reader to know what your email is regarding before opening. They are to be short yet interesting enough to catch the eye of the reader. Many people are likely to prioritize an email when they know what it’s regarding, and so using the subject line can really get you noticed. Keep it short and sweet to ensure that the reader understands the main point of the email before opening.

The above discussed email tips can ensure that every email you send is professional. Maintaining a standard via email sets a standard for your whole business, and for those who regularly deal with your company through email, this will ensure that you look your best at all times. Simple tricks such as a signature and having a nice subject line can impact your business email structure and professionalism. 

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