Prevention measures against COVID-19

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It is no longer a news that the China sickness (COVID-19) as tagged by United state president Donald Trump has a very alarming rate of spreading. 

The good news is amid this widespread epidemic, there are ways to prevent yourself contracting this very illness. 

This measures gives about 96% protection to individuals who strictly adhere. The measures includes

1. Corona virus can be prevented by wearing of any face mask, the virus has about 400 -500micro of cell diameter which is extremely large when compares to other viruses 

2. The virus is not airborne but can settled on ground, fabrics, or body

3. The virus when on metal surface can survive for 12 hours and can survive on the hand for about 10 minute, so, How washing of  hands regularly with soap and water is essential 

4. Get yourself an alcohol sanitizer 

5. If the virus is exposed for a temperature higher than 30degree Celsius then it is susceptible to dying. 

6. Warm salt water 💧 and gargle can also help in preventing the contraction of this virus when taken regularly. 

Prevention is better than cure

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David Akinwale

David Akinwale

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