Practical Ways To Building A Strong Personal Brand

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Practical Ways To Building A Strong Personal Brand

There is an increase in the number of persons in the same career, profession, business, and the like. A lot of people are worried if they can ever make it to the top, or at least, be known in their area of specialization. A lot more are scared if there is even a need of pursuing a course since the field seems filled with lots of intelligent and smart persons already.

The fact is that if one can get it right with one’s branding, then one will be outstanding irrespective of who has been in the field. What differentiates those currently at the top of their career ladder and those below is their brand. Whether you are just a newbie or a top-notch, you can stand out with your brand.

Your personal branding matters and having a strong personal brand will have a positive effect in generating more business leads, network, getting the right partnerships and attracting great talents and resources for your business.

So, What is Branding?

Branding is simply the process of creating a strong and positive perception of your products, yourself, services, or company.

It’s that secret ingredient that can make your business stand out from other businesses. think about how celebrities you know who have strong personal brand have been able to build strong businesses. Richard BransonMark CubanGary Vaynerchuk  and the list goes on. They all have a very clear story and a consistent brand. It takes a lot of work to build a personal brand so if you’re ready to go in, here are practical ways to build a strong personal brand.

Here’s a Quick List On Practical Ways to Self Brand in 30 Days

1. Own Your Brand

Personal branding is the conscious and intentional effort to create an influence, public perception of an individual by positioning them as an authority of someone, of influence and elevating their credibility. It’s your branding that differentiates you from others. Vanessa L. defines Personal Branding as “what the public sees in you”. For instance, as a Web Developer, it is what makes your services different from other web developers. It is not so much about the types of websites you have developed but how the public perceives your service. Two Web Developers may have the same ranks of profiles based on projects done previously but some elements differentiate them.

2. Create your Brand Elements

Brand elements are those units that make up your brand. Your brand elements include, but not limited to:

  1. Brand name
  2. Theme line
  3. Logo
  4. Brand color

Brand name

This is a word or phrase used to identify the service, product, or company. Think about brands whose names are part of everyday language. Consider the brand name, Facebook, once mentioned, one can relate to what the brand represents. If you offer a service or product, then they should have a name for your brand.

Theme line

Having a theme line for your brand is one element that makes a brand unique. Most renowned brands have a tagline for their brands. For example,
Glo … Rule your World
Nike … Just do it
LG … Life is good

A logo is a graphic mark or symbol that identifies your brand. Your logo helps in recognizing your brand and shows the personality of your brand.

Brand Color

Having a color or a set of colors that represent your brand makes it easy for you to be unique. I recommend using complementary colors if you wish to use more than one color as this helps you maintain color serenity.

Create Your Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is simply letting the public know that your brand exists and the value your brand offers as well as the solution it provides. If no one knows your brand exists, then your brand elements are meaningless. It’s not you who needs your brand but the public and they need to know about your brand and the services you provide, otherwise, your brand doesn’t exist as far as the public is concerned. A key factor in branding is to reach out to the right audience that needs your services. This can be achieved by marketing, running paid ads, optimizing your website, using SEO’s (search engine optimization), and a lot more.

Build Brand Integrity

Integrity matters a lot in business. Ify Peace defines Integrity as “the ability to consistently deliver the same value as promised initially”. Though integrity demands a high level of discipline, yet it can be achieved and, in turn, it builds mutual trust between your brand and your audience.

Reinforce Your Brand

Branding is not a one day job. You have to consistently send the same message over and over again to the public to get their attention and build trust. It may take a while to get this actualized, but it’s worth every effort you put into it. Just remain consistent.

In the following we will enlist more tips on strengthening your personal brand on the long run. Keep reading.

1. Build Followership On Social Media

To build a good personal brand, it’s not enough to attract new followers. You’ve also got to retain them, keep them engaged and more interested in you.

The greatest way to do this is by giving rewards, giveaways, prizes to your followers special promotions and always make sure to respond to their comments and their questions. What matters is that you’re starting your own work; your craft and providing value to people in your domain. Everything every other thing stems out from there.

Find the platform that suits your interests and start creating the best possible content you can.

2. Speak at Events and Conferences

Speaking engagements are good ways to build authority trust and successful speaking engagements can open opportunities to another one and generate lots of leads or get people interested in your business.

Speaking at conferences, seminars, events with a similar audience to that of your industry is a good way to spread the word about your personal brand or your company. It also helps you build your business network by connecting with other business leaders and potential customers.

3. Share your Knowledge Freely

It’s not enough to learn new things and keep them all to yourself you’ve also got to share with others in your network. You can do that by sharing videos, tweeting, Facebook and writing short educative post on WhatsApp and other social media. If you want to take your personal branding seriously you can create a personal website or blog  as a platform for sharing your contents.

4. Collaborate with other Strong Brands

Your personal brand is strengthen or weaken by your connection with other brands. You’ve got to network with other leaders within your niche as this will open so many opportunities to you and help grow the number of your following. Find other people who create great content and collaborate with them.


Today branding is becoming just as important on a personal level. Build a brand you’re proud of identifying who you’re trying to reach, fine-tune your message, and translate it all into a brand you can be proud of.


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