Positivism From Death



In every aspect of life, just as we carry out our daily activities, reaching out for success demands that our thoughts be positive at all times not excluding that of death.

Much fears is been developed in the hearts of many, when the thought of death takes a ground, which makes me pose a question- Of what use is the fear of death to man? Reaching to the bottom of the heart, I know you did get a “NO” as answer.

Having at heart that death is inevitable so why the fear of it? I did rather suggest you read on, in other to lay hold of the positive aspect of death than the negative side.

Taking a positive view of death, you should know that death was kept in place, to be more like a guide to us, as regards to the way we live our lives. This point of mine is a fact that should get into the heads man, exposing them to the tendency of living a better life, or more still achieve the wish of a legend named Michael Jackson, when he said “HEAL THE WORLD, MAKE IT A BETTER PLACE”.


I did like to put up an example here, to further clarify my point of view. Take for instance a rich man with lots of surplus that is via material things, when such a person is been approached for help, if he is one that always has it a positive thought about death knowing they will be leaving the world at anytime. With such mind set, I bet he or she will find it easier to render help of various kinds within their power.

With a continuous thought of death, such actions as stated above become involuntary with time. Making man live a simpler lifestyle with love guided by death.

This positive thought of death, makes us cherish our creator and maker more unconsciously. Try creating an imagination in your heads, of every one on earth recognizing the fact they are going to leave mother earth someday. With such, I bet we are going to have a perfect earth as wished by our maker.

There’s just no time to fear death dear, instead live the legacies before it comes. Let Gods love live among us.

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Imaeruaka Joseph .N

Imaeruaka Joseph .N

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